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About Sandi Mckee & Candy Peterson

Sandi and Candy are native Floridians that met more than 30 years ago while attending college. Sandi dragged Candy kicking and screaming (literally!) into her first gym experience and with much encouragement introduced her to a world she now loves. Together they have more than 40 years of combined experience in the medical field as Respiratory therapists.

Candy’s first introduction into the world of health and wellness came after obtaining her personal training certification and beginning a program in her husband’s weight loss center working with post-surgical bariatric patients. She quickly realized that exercise was only one component of guiding patients to healthy living and next obtained a certification as a Primal Health Coach. Eventually, this led to the development of a comprehensive program centered around the 3 pillars of health & wellness; nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle changes.

Candy then repaid the favor of dragging her to the gym by introducing Sandi to the world of personal training. Now a certified personal trainer of her own, they decided to partner together to bring the elements of life change through the Fit Body structure. This full-circle friendship/partnership is the perfect combination to bring a comprehensive fitness studio to the Port Orange area.

Built on the belief that you can’t outwork poor nutrition, Port Orange Fit Body Boot Camp offers 30-minute workouts with personal training in a group setting along with health coaching and nutritional counseling depending on your needs and goals. We have partnered with a board-certified bariatric surgeon who focuses his practice on these same foundational principles which have cultivated life change for literally thousands of patients.

We are so excited to share the Fit Body Boot Camp experience with you!

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