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About Randy Swingle

Hello! My name is Randy Swingle. Fitness and helping others have always been two passions in my life. My professional background has been serving in the military and working with the special needs population, so I have witnessed first-hand how impactful serving others can be. Being able to combine fitness and helping others has been an exciting opportunity to help others achieve the confidence and well-being I have experienced through maintaining my own personal physical fitness.

My own fitness journey started in 1997 when I joined the United States Army at the age of 17. I could barely do 10 push-ups when I arrived at boot camp, but I resolved to improve a little every day. It was tough, to say the least, but I made progress and eventually came to love the physical fitness aspect of the military. I exited the military in 2001 in order to attend college and unfortunately developed the opposite of healthy habits. Before I knew it I had gone from a lean Soldier to about 50 pounds overweight. I had zero confidence and the extra weight made everything in life seem more difficult. Something had to change. We all need a profound “why” in order to make lasting changes and I found mine in 2004 when I met my wife, Heather. I wanted to be a better person for her and decided to start making small changes to turn things around. I had no idea what I was doing, but sometimes doing something is better than nothing. So, I set out to run as I had in the military. My first run was about a ½ mile and left me dizzy and nauseous – a far cry from my Army physical conditioning. Although discouraged, I decided to stick with it and developed a routine. It was not easy, but I eventually lost the 50 pounds I had gained and was in the best shape of my life.

My fitness journey has continued to evolve as I eventually rejoined the military in the Army National Guard as a helicopter pilot, deployed overseas several times, ran two marathons, and obtained my Personal Trainer Certification. As the years go by, I continue to reap the benefits of maintaining my physical fitness – more confidence, increased energy, and better mobility. We also have 2 beautiful children, so I also have some added motivation to lead by example in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As I reflect on those early years, I wish I had someone to show me how to incorporate effective workout routines with solid nutrition guidance. This inspired me to seek opportunities to help others with their fitness journey and I eventually found Fit Body Boot Camp. I quickly realized that this is a world-class organization that aligns perfectly with my dedication to helping others through fitness!

My wife and I are so excited to open Irmo Fit Body Boot Camp! We have made it our mission to meet everyone wherever they may on their fitness journey and provide the community, guidance, and encouragement needed to be successful. Our 30-minute fitness classes are not “classes” in the traditional sense, but results-driven sessions focused on weight loss and body toning. This strategy is effective and proven, which is why we are simply thrilled to be a part of this great community. We look forward to having you join our “fit family” and achieving your fitness goals!

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