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About Brian

I have always been physically active from playing sports year-round or getting outside to go hiking with my family and friends. Whether it was sports, family, or church groups going on hikes I always had a team to hold me accountable and keep me focused and motivated.

After high school, when my “teams” were mostly all gone is when I began to see my physical activity level decline. My passion for physical fitness didn’t come until after I had hung up the cleats, set aside the gloves, graduated high school, and joined the United States Airforce. After basic training, I was very confident and proud of my physical fitness level and the way I looked but old habits, not being on a routine with physical fitness, and the ability to go eat whatever I wanted with little nutrition knowledge led to a steady weight gain that ultimately caused me to FAIL my very first PT test. I was very unhappy with my self-image in just a short 8 months after graduating from basic training but ultimately knew that I had the power to change my circumstances, and this led to where I am at today.

Fast forward to separating from the United States Airforce and beginning college here I am again without a “team” and beginning to see the weight slowly creep back up which got me searching for my “team” again. I began the strength and conditioning internship for Washington State University athletics which led me to a BA in Kinesiology with a minor in strength and conditioning to become a certified strength and conditioning specialist, a USAW certification, and 6 amazing years’ worth of knowledge and experience with some of the greatest strength coaches, athletes, and people.

My passion while working with these elite athletes was not only to make them bigger, stronger, and faster but was to teach them about physical fitness and nutrition so that when they to hung up the cleats and set aside the gloves it wasn’t just working out it was a manageable lifestyle that they could continue. My passion is to help everyone achieve their goals. My passion is to make being physically fit and working out easy, manageable, and readily available to everyone which leads me to finding my “team” here at Fit Body Boot Camp. Our 30-minute HIIT boot camp style workouts are for everybody and for every body. Their dedication to changing the lives of others lines up exactly with my passion for physical fitness, and why I got into this industry.

This led to the opening of Shawnee Fit Body Boot Camp and we are extremely excited to help everyone achieve their fitness goals and create manageable lifestyle changes. Fit Body Boot Camp has changed lives all over the world and we are ready to bring this to Shawnee. Please come join our “team” and be a part of this great community!

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