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About Betsy Kwiatkowski

Hi! My name is Betsy Kwiatkowski, and I’m eager to meet you. First, however, here’s a little bit about me!

Staying active, becoming fit, and living a healthy life has fueled my passion for helping others to do the same. I truly love watching clients transform into their best version of themselves. Becoming physically and mentally fit has literally changed my life on all aspects. My faith, family, fitness, and finances (or the 4 F’s I commonly refer too) have become stronger than ever because of my leap into a healthy lifestyle. I merely want everyone I know and meet to feel the same and experience the self confidence they have within.

My fitness journey started early on in my life. I was an athlete growing up and even was fortunate enough to play division I and II basketball at Cleveland State and Lincoln Memorial University. However, post college and basketball I met my husband and had three kids before I turned 35! Wowsas! Before I knew it, I had transformed into someone I didn’t recognize in the mirror. I had that moment of clarity in 2017, three months after my last baby actually. I was 70 pounds overweight, couldn’t jog more than 5 minutes, and was angry at myself about it. “How does a college athlete, in tremendous shape turn out like this?”, is what I had on repeat in my brain.

At first, I tried it all for a quick fix. Yes, all the yo-yo and fad dieting gimmicks out there, I was a part of. After a few months of giving it a whirl on my own, I knew I needed some help. So, I got myself into group coaching program and followed a nutrition plan specific for me, exercised 30 minutes a day, surrounded myself with accountability partners and over the course of 18 months, I lost 50 pounds. I learned several things during those months, but what stuck the most was finding my integrity. Yes, sounds simple, but it all started in my head. I showed up for myself consistently every single day. Yes, there were tough days, yes I slipped once in awhile, but I stuck with what worked and over time I lost the weight and kept it off. I had created a lifestyle that wasn’t restrictive, kept me honest, helped me fuel my body, understand the relationship between food and fitness, and at the end of the day I was happy.

Over the 2019-2021 years I found other group coaching and one on one coaching programs to help me lose an additional 20 pounds. I became stronger, faster, mentally tougher, and new goals formed professionally and personally. I couldn’t put down books, I was an actual sponge I think. It started with “You Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins, which led me to Jesse Itzler, which then lead me to The Big A%$ Calendar Club, which then allowed me to open my mind to build my life resume. What did I want to do for the rest of my life? How can serve others with my talents? How can I impact my community? All of this between my ears day in and day out, month over month, and now year over year.

With faith at the forefront and lots of conversations with my husband and three kids, we all knew it was time to open a Fit Body Boot Camp. Yes, this was where I was going to be able to help others transform. It was where I could help other mom’s feel and become their best postpartum. It was where my husband could help other men get better. It was where my kids could come to work and watch mom do her thing. It’s where our family could help impact the community the most. Why Fishers Fit Body Boot Camp though?

I became a certified personal trainer in 2020 and ran my own one on one coaching business. It was there that I learned what really brought results. Fit Body Boot Camp aligns exactly with my core values and how to achieve the best results for our members. We take a step ladder approach when a new member is considering Fishers Fit Body Boot Camp. We stack metabolic conditioning, strength training, and nutrition planning together not just one or the other. It’s important if you want results to understand those three things combined help you get the results you’re looking for. In addition, our coaches understand that this change happens in your mind first. WE coach you through this. We are a community not just a gym. We want to be the best part of your day during our 30 minute HIIT circuits.

We can’t wait to see you at our grand opening on January 8th! We cannot wait to watch you hit your goals, get those results, but more importantly become part of fit family. We are grateful for you and this opportunity to be part of your life. Please check us out on Instagram and Facebook: @fishersfitbodybootcamp

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