About Vanessa Filion

My name is Vanessa Filion and I am the owner of Fit Body Boot Camp Philips Highway.

As a young girl I was very active with dance class, cheerleading, gymnastics, and tennis. And while I had a terrible diet made up of processed foods like sodas, chips, and snack cakes, I pretty much kept an average weight. Not too thin, not too big. However, it all caught up to me in college when I stopped working out but kept eating pizza and burgers whenever I felt like it.

By the age of 24, I had the energy of an 80 year old. I also cried every time I had to wear a bathing suit and struggled with some pretty serious food issues that had quietly developed over the years. Oh…and I was a smoker…gasp!

Then in July of 2009, I walked into a bar (another gasp) and met the man that I would eventually marry. He was super healthy and super fit and I was super ashamed of all my bad habits. I quit smoking and joined the gym! And while it was all for a boy, I am so glad that something and someone woke me up to what I was doing to my body.

But a few workouts a week weren’t enough. I still ate terribly, and my confidence had reached an all-time low. It truly affected me in every aspect of my life, including my relationship with Jamie. Over the next couple of years I slowly got control of my binge eating (and drinking). I read everything I could about nutrition and the effects of a poor diet and changed accordingly. Good food made me feel good! I started working out with a new intensity and the harder I worked, the better I ate. The better I ate, the harder I worked.

I’d be lying if I said healthy habits come easy to me. They do not, but I work at it every day and I am better for it. I am now in the best shape of my life and almost looking better than my husband. How did I finally get here? Well, I joined a Fit Body Boot Camp. I got group personal training that was effective and fun, and I also received nutrition counseling and support.

I loved Fit Body Boot Camp so much that now I’m an owner myself! I’m excited to bring Fit Body Boot Camp to Jacksonville because I know it works! I’ve been through the process, I’ve hit plateaus and overcome hurdles to get to where I am, and I’m excited to share my passion, knowledge, and experiences with my clients.

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