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Are you secretly afraid your New Year’s resolutions will fail? Are you hoping to start the year fresh with a lean, healthy body? If yes, READ THIS:

BE the Brighter, Happier, Stronger Version of You in 2019! Let Us Help You Keep Your Resolutions So You Can Get in the Best Shape of Your Life and Create Fat-Torching Habits for Good!

Introducing the Fit Body Boot Camp 21-Day Resolution Reset Program - The Only Program Designed to Get You Back on Track by Dropping the Pounds and Keeping Them Off for Good!

How Are You Going to Make Sure Your Resolutions Come True This Year?

Studies show that 81% of New Year’s resolutions fail -- and the 19% who succeed all have one thing in common:

They started by doing a “reset” of all their habits from the previous year -- meaning they cleaned out the habits that no longer served them and freed themselves up to create new, empowering habits.

That’s why I created my 21-Day Resolution Reset Program! And since we could all use a little extra cash after the holidays, I'm even giving you a special discount:

$197 Now Only $67!

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An Exclusive, Easy To Follow, Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Guide That You Can Use To Turn Your Body Into a Lean, Fat-Torching Furnace!

Our special 65% off promotion ends in:

Hi, my name is Rebecca Tabbert and I'm the head coach at Redlands Fit Body Boot Camp. my job is to make sure you burn fat and get back into great shape with fun workouts that challenge your body every time!

But enough about me...I have a vision for how I want YOUR life to look this year:

In 2019, you’re in control.

In 2019, nobody else gets to decide how you feel about yourself, whether you get to call yourself “beautiful,” or what kind of clothes you pull off.

In 2019, you don’t need comfort food or wine or Netflix to “pick yourself up after a long day” because suddenly the days don’t seem so long. That’s because…

In 2019, you have the energy and confidence to turn the mountains of 2018 into molehills. You find yourself gliding through life with grace, tenacity, and a smile. That’s because…

In 2019, YOU finally created the body you want! You had the help of my team and our Unstoppable Fitness Formula, but ultimately YOU made the decision.

In the evening, everyone gathers together for decorating, gift shopping, and visiting with family. You remember in previous years how you used to be too wiped out to participate, but now you’ve got energy to spare!

And when you’re tucked into bed and drifting off to sleep, the last thing you think is, “I’m so grateful I took care of myself first this year. Now I really am the holiday magic maker my family deserves!”

Sandra Borja

20 Lbs Gone!

6 months ago, I began to work out to take care of my kids and myself. After 101 classes and support from family and friends, I've lost over 20 pounds and cut my body fat from 34-37% to 25-27%. Now I post more pictures of myself online than ever before!

Jennifer Derrick

Never Felt Better!

Before finding Fit Body Boot Camp, I did the same workout routine day in and day out without experiencing much change. Now, I love working out and am proud of the healthy lifestyle I lead. I’m in my mid 30’s, but things can only get better from here. Thanks FBBC!!

Ron Peters

Down 14 pounds!

I've been in the Fit Body Bod Squad Challenge for four weeks. Since I joined, I've lost 14 pounds and 2.5% body fat. It's awesome! I've learned a new way of eating—no more cereal or pasta for me—and I'm going to keep at it for the rest of my life. Plus, the workouts and the coaches are amazing!

Ana Munoz

I Lost 55 Pounds!

I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror anymore, and I hated buying bigger sizes or super-stretchy jeans. Once I started boot camp, I lost 20 lbs. I always eat my macros and work out and am down 55 pounds and 8 sizes! I am addicted to going to Fit Body Boot Camp.

Here’s What You Can Expect During the 21-Day Resolution Reset Program…

  •   Melt away unsightly body fat from the belly, arms, and legs
  •   Tighten the belly, hips, and thighs
  •   A body that’s lean and toned—NOT bulky
  •   Get stronger and have extra energy!
  •   More stable, more positive mood throughout the day
  •   Make friends with some seriously wonderful people who want everyone to succeed
  •   Look stunning in new, skinnier jeans
  •   See the number on the scale tick down, not up
  •   Build healthy, lean muscle that transforms the body into a fat-melting machine

I Can Only Take on 9 More Participants in This 21-Day Resolution Reset Program—And I Want One of Those Spots to be Yours.

So if you’re serious about getting in shape, looking your best, and being the envy of your friends, then this program is for you! And since I've lowered the price to ONLY $67, there’s no better time to sign up and get a lean, sexy body!

My special 65% off promotion ends in:


An Exclusive, Easy To Follow, Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Guide That You Can Use To Turn Your Body Into a Lean, Fat-Torching Furnace!

See What Kind of Results My Clients Have Achieved (And You Can Too)

So what’s the secret to getting faster results? We take your workouts one step further by adding in the element of power and resistance training to turbo charge your fat burning results in only 21 days! We call it the “Afterburn Effect”, and you’ll be amazed at how fast it will melt off the excess pounds and inches.

And it all starts with you making the decision to enroll today.

Nathan Calzada

Weight Was Melting Off

I knew it was time that enough was enough with not taking care of my body the right way. In January, I joined Fort Worth Fit Body Bootcamp. At every station, my body wanted to give up but I kept pushing through. Day after day the weight was melting away, doing boot camps, eating right, working a full-time job, and a family. At some point, you have to throw away the excuses and like the coaches say "dig deep" and push yourself.

Mary Lechman

I feel like a winner!

I saw a fitness challenge called the Bod Squad on Fit Body’s Facebook page, so I decided to take a plunge and go for it. This challenge lasted for 6 weeks. I had a few goals in sight: eat clean, work out more, and feel stronger. It was my first time in a gym environment in 3 years, but after 6 weeks I already felt like a winner! I was 3 lbs lighter and lost 3% body fat!! Thank you, Fit Body!

Heather Dodge

FBBC Helped Me Lose 60 Pounds!

All I wanted was something to keep me challenged, focused, strong, and fit. That’s when I took control of my life and joined Fit Body Boot Camp, where I lost about 60 pounds. I look forward to every workout and the great positive environment at boot camp—I even don't mind getting up early!

Natalie Smith

Stronger and Happier!

I decided to try boot camp after failing to see results from the elliptical/treadmill. Fit Body Boot Camp made me stronger, more educated about nutrition, and ready to set the right goals. Now I feel confident enough to take on anything!

Redlands Fit Body Boot Camp offers workout sessions throughout the week in the morning before work and school hours and in the evening after work and school hours. So we’ve got a workout time that will fit your schedule! And since the workouts are only 30 minutes long, you can be in and out in no time.

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Have questions or want to enroll over the phone? Call (909) 307-4956

The “fine print”: Offer available to New Clients Only. Offer limited to only one program per person. Offer only available to local residents. Cannot be combined with any other offer. We are not liable for any injuries before, during, or after your workout, but we do our best to keep you safe anyway. CLICK HERE to view our full policy. The Resolution Reset Program is available Online Only. Smile often, it's good for the soul. And choose to be happy, life's better that way!