A stroke brought Jennifer Paris’s life to a screeching halt; now fitness and support are helping her get back on track. In this episode, Jennifer Paris—superstar member of Poway FBBC—talks about how easy it is to develop a healthy fitness routine at Fit Body Boot Camp—no matter what your health history is. Also, watch or listen to learn how to approach every day with a fresh new mindset.


“Be patient, positive, and persistent in recovery!” – Jennifer Paris


Here’s what you’ll discover:

5:29 – How a 20 ft. walk gave Jennifer the confidence to come back from a stroke.

10:45 – How to “press reset” and restart your motivation daily.

11:56 – Why it’s important to celebrate all the things you’re able to do.

13:01 – How Fit Body Boot Camp workouts decrease fatigue, so you can do just about anything with your family.

18:03 – How to maintain positivity despite negative circumstances.