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Beyond the Scale is Fit Body Boot Camp’s fitness podcast, hosted by Coach Brittany. She interviews Fit Body clients, personal trainers, and celebrities about their inspirational journeys to reclaim their health. Her mission is to teach you how your own stories are the keys to weight loss and self confidence.

Join Brittany every Tuesday at 1:00pm as she uncovers the secrets to fitness and wellness. You’re only a few episodes away from meeting the new “you,” the “you” ready for a Fit Body and a Fit Mind, Forever!

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011 – How to Eat Clean and Love Every Second of It

Before he became a well-respected nutrition coach, Jason Phillips struggled with body image...

010 – How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Increase Your Income and Happiness

In this episode, financial expert Chris Harder uses his "riches to rags to riches" story to...

009 – Why Fit Body Boot Camp?

In this episode, Fit Body Boot Camp founder Bedros Keuilian reveals who and what you need in...

008 – How to Achieve Long-Lasting Health

Josh Carter is a recognized fitness personality and the proud father of two. But before all...

007 – How to Adopt an Unshakeable Mindset

When Rob Grupe went to prison, he had two choices. He could either give in or accept his fate...

006 – Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

For Renee Goldstein, life has been a series of uphill battles with identity. But once he came...

005 – The Key to Overcoming Anything

There's nothing you can't overcome. Just ask Cara Eckerman, who shared her powerful story with...

004 – What You NEED to Know About Hormones

Ever tried to read up on hormones, only to get confused by all that thyroid and adrenal...

003 – How to Win Your Self Confidence Back

He grew up afraid to take his shirt off. Now, FBBC Owner Matt Wilber owns five fitness...


Brittany Carter, Host
Brittany Carter, Host

Coach Brittany is both your energetic host and your biggest fan. She’s just as passionate about your fitness and wellness as you are—maybe even more passionate! As you’ll soon find out, she refuses to let her past struggles define her. Instead, they became the catalyst that transformed her into the fiery, uplifting soul that she is today.

Growing up, Brittany’s life was riddled with hardship; her parents divorced when she was 6, and she battled shyness-and even depression—until she was out of high school. She was an amazing softball player, basketball player, and dancer at a young age, but she knew she had a greater purpose in life—to help others. As Fit Body Boot Camp’s Head Operations Coach, she supports our owners as they do what they do best: teach you how to love yourself through fitness.

Her goal for the show is to help others find their own personal happiness through fitness. Her positivity is infectious, and she knows how to get the best health nuggets out of any guest. Brittany can’t wait to help bring out the beautiful new “you” that lies under the surface.

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