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Beyond the Scale is Fit Body Boot Camp’s fitness podcast, hosted by Coach Brittany. She interviews Fit Body clients, personal trainers, and celebrities about their inspirational journeys to reclaim their health. Her mission is to teach you how your own stories are the keys to weight loss and self confidence.

Join Brittany every Tuesday at 1:00pm as she uncovers the secrets to fitness and wellness. You’re only a few episodes away from meeting the new “you,” the “you” ready for a Fit Body and a Fit Mind, Forever!

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029 – How Good Health Leads to Unconditional Love

A motorcycle accident nearly took everything away from Rob Du Haime, but it was the love he...

028 – Christian Ramirez – Why Everyone Needs a Coach

Along his journey to overcome alcoholism and gain self-confidence, Christian Ramirez realized...

027 – Andora Bonilla – How to Schedule Your Life Around Fitness

How do you find the time to work out? In this episode, Andora Bonilla from Foothill Ranch Fit...

026 – Shanda Sumpter – Wellness for the Working Woman

How does the self-made working woman find the time to focus on herself? In this episode,...

025 – Tara Myers – Where There’s a Will, There Are Multiple Ways

In this episode, behavioral therapist and Placentia FBBC client Tara Myers talks about the...

024 – Jennifer Paris – Win Back Your Confidence When It’s Taken Away

A stroke brought Jennifer Paris's life to a screeching halt; now fitness and support are...

023 – Joey Carso – The Man with a Bulletproof Mentality

Graduation, getting engaged, learning he had cancer, and grieving the death of his brother....

022 – Zenia Joyner – At the Intersection of Culture, Family, and Fitness

Expectations are NOT your reality. In this episode, Zenia Joyner—the owner of Fountain...

021 – Steven Briscoe – How to Take Control of Your Self-Image and Self-Confidence

Fit Body Boot Camp owner Steven Briscoe has struggled with his body image his whole life,...


Brittany Carter, Host
Brittany Carter, Host

Coach Brittany is both your energetic host and your biggest fan. She’s just as passionate about your fitness and wellness as you are—maybe even more passionate! As you’ll soon find out, she refuses to let her past struggles define her. Instead, they became the catalyst that transformed her into the fiery, uplifting soul that she is today.

Growing up, Brittany’s life was riddled with hardship; her parents divorced when she was 6, and she battled shyness-and even depression—until she was out of high school. She was an amazing softball player, basketball player, and dancer at a young age, but she knew she had a greater purpose in life—to help others. As Fit Body Boot Camp’s Head Operations Coach, she supports our owners as they do what they do best: teach you how to love yourself through fitness.

Her goal for the show is to help others find their own personal happiness through fitness. Her positivity is infectious, and she knows how to get the best health nuggets out of any guest. Brittany can’t wait to help bring out the beautiful new “you” that lies under the surface.

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