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Discover The Palma Ceia Fitness Boot Camp That Burns Twice The Fat, Gets You Fit And Challenges Your Body Every Time*.

Palma Ceia Fit Body Boot Camp combines our signature Afterburn workouts, which keep your metabolism high and burning extra fat for up to 32 hours after each workout, with smart nutrition coaching and personalized accountability to deliver rapid, lasting, sustainable results*.

Come in to Palma Ceia Fit Body Boot Camp today to see our positive, welcoming, high-energy community in action and start your journey to getting in the best shape of your life!

What is Fit Body Boot Camp?

Fit Body Boot Camp is the world’s fastest growing fitness boot camp brand, and we offer our members around the world affordable, convenient, 30-minute fat loss boot camps that challenge the body and deliver results every time.

Our specialized Afterburn workouts use a combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Active Rest Training to get your body to burn up to twice the fat and calories that traditional workouts burn in only half the time. They also keep your metabolism working at a higher rate for up to 32 hours after each workout.

Every group training session is led by an experienced and certified personal trainer and is designed to be fun, high energy, and challenging so that you burn the maximum fat and tone your muscles.

We also modify our workout programs to fit your individual fitness goals and fitness level. Whether you're new to working out or you're an experienced fitness buff, our professional trainers and coaches will help modify every workout so that you'll achieve your goals!

Our workouts are done in a dynamic group setting which dramatically increases your odds of success through group accountability and an addictive atmosphere of fun and community. Plus, this empowers you to get personal-training-level results for only a fraction of what it would normally take to hire a 1-on-1 personal trainer.

Best of all, our program extends far beyond the four walls of boot camp. We support your success through personalized accountability to stay on track to your goals, nutrition coaching that shows you how to eat for weight loss without disrupting your lifestyle, and smart goal-setting and workout adjustments that make sure your body is constantly getting stronger, leaner, healthier, and more energized!

What's the secret sauce behind weight loss? What about success in general? It goes way beyond any workout, diet, or number on the scale. Beyond the Scale, Fit Body's first-ever podcast, tells the inspiring stories of people who've changed their lives through fitness and health. This podcast is your detailed blueprint to do the same, so tune in!

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Palma Ceia Fit Body Boot Camp is more than just a gym. We're not here to sell you a membership, access to training equipment, or even personal training. We're simply here to help you achieve real fitness and weight loss results. We exist to get you results — in fact, we’ll do everything we possibly can to get you results, and if you aren’t happy with the outcome you can use our 100% money back guarantee. The Fit Body Boot Camp Afterburn Training will help get you the body you want with a tighter waist, toned arms, and leaner legs*.

* DISCLAIMER: We believe in being open and honest. As such, Fit Body Boot Camp has made every effort to provide accurate information here. However, we do not guarantee any specific results from our program, as results may vary based on the time, effort and commitment that you invest into a fitness program.



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About Joel Metzger Steven Robledo and Stephanie Biernat

Joel Metzger was born in the beautiful city of Flint Michigan, to a single mother who taught him from an early age that determination and perseverance are qualities which overcome obstacles. Joel’s deep love and respect for his mother has sustained him through whatever life has thrown his way. Due to his upbringing, Joel retains a positive “always looking forward” adventurous attitude. His mother had strong support from her brothers, and in fact, they became role models for Joel during family gatherings and Summer camping trips.

Joel graduated high school in 2004 with a strong desire to join the Navy, which followed in the footsteps of his uncles and Grandfather. But instead, he ultimately chose to follow another pursuit in the culinary arts. This focus fueled a new passion for nutrition and health that soon landed him in Tampa, Fl., with his brother. Through his focus on health and nutrition and his brother’s restaurant management experience, they become experts within their niche of the food industry. However, the opportunity to serve in the United States Navy was never lost on Joel. One day, he walked into a Naval recruiting office to be a cook and being the adventurous/extreme type person he is, it didn’t take long for Joel to shift his focus to becoming a Navy Seal. He spent a year working with a former Navy SEAL that helped prepare him for BUD’s (the 6-month SEAL training course). Joel Dropped on Request (DOR’d) during the BUDs training in Coronado, California; admitting his mental capacity to withstand the pain and rigors of SEAL training had not been sufficiently developed, but still accredits his positive outlook and attitude towards life challenges to the lessons he learned while training in BUDs.

Joel sustained injuries during his mission to become a Navy Seal, like multi-lumbar disc problems and arthritis in the hips. Still, he was given the opportunity to stay in the Special Warfare Community as a Rescue Swimmer, which led to graduating Rescue Swimmer school in 2009. Joel finished his Naval career on the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70). His first deployment with CVN 70 was during the Haiti Earthquake in early January 2010. CVN 70 was the first emergency response to Haiti. They became the primary hospital for medevacs and the only source of food and water until the Red Cross arrived. His last deployment was during Operation Enduring Freedom in which Operation Neptune Spear (Osama Bin Laden’s assassination) was accomplished in early May 2011. Joel was actually on deployment with CVN 70 when SEAL team six brought the body of Osama Bin Laden to the carrier. With his military contract coming to a close, he set about on a 2-year transformation, which included a healthy, active and intense lifestyle. His focus on health and fitness created a following with his peers, and he developed new and diverse ways to help others reach their health goals.

After being honorably discharged from the Navy in September 2011, he immediately attended the National Academy of Sports Medicine and became a certified personal trainer. He followed up by enrolling in the Human Performance Undergraduate Bachelor Program at The University of Tampa. It didn’t take long for him to make the University of Tampa his second home, which started by becoming the Head Trainer on campus. Within his first semester, he was working with Dr. Jacob Wilson and ended up working with Dr. Wilson throughout his entire undergrad program. Helping Joel make career-directional decisions along the way was his mentor, Kim Morris.

Joel surrounded himself in all of the aspects of health and wellness. He made sure that every class he took and every move he made led him to a better understanding of how to improve the longevity of people’s lives. Food and nutrition, mental motivation, and pain management became his primary focus. Joel became well established at the University as well as in the city by offering boot camps and personal training in the many local parks that Tampa has to offer. Working in the human performance lab at the University of Tampa is where Joel met Richard Pearce. Joel Metzger and Steven Weiner performed the preliminary studies associated with The BullFrog. Joel still trained as though he was training to become a Navy Seal so when the BullFrog put him on his back within 2 minutes, he became a fan. He immediately noticed the cardiovascular and conditioning benefits, and shortly after testing, Joel ventured off to use the BullFrog prototype on his own clients. This was when Joel fully understood the potential that the BullFrog had. Since 2013, Joel has been working relentlessly with Richard on Product Development and Production Management, and now works full-time with Frog Fitness as the Chief of R&D, as well as Frog’s resident Kinesiologist.

Hi! My name is Steven Robledo. I am a strong believer of physical activity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. My passion stems from growing up athletic, playing sports and has continued to grow through my recent experiences in the fitness industry and equipment. My drive is to assist people by leading them to the of physical fitness in order to live their life to its best potential.

Fitness began for when I was 8 years old playing little league baseball and soccer. This was essentially my building blocks. From my love for athletics I have always maintained an active lifestyle. As well as consistently maintaining healthy eating habits.

For the last several years I have worked for a fitness equipment company and have been heavily involved in attending multiple conferences yearly. Through each conference I have been privileged to continue to gain knowledge and understand the direction in which not only the fitness industry is going but the fitness equipment industry is headed as well. With all the new tech gear developed in recent years the industry has become not only polluted, but mis-directed in what works.

Strength and Conditioning has been a major component in my training. In relation to strength and conditioning, functional movements are two words that have gain a lot of traction within the industry. I have been lucky enough to work with schools and colleges on how training methods and protocols are developed. In training coaches on equipment, the concern that arises is how movements translate to the field or just an active lifestyle. Maintaining focus on physical fitness with functional movements have greatly helped in how we train everyone. Through these experiences its help me gain a better understanding of being able to provide others with the best results. While also keeping in its not just about trying to push someone to fitness but rather guide them all the way along the path. Everyone is different in how they find the path to fitness.

I want to help people develop healthy habits and gain knowledge about physical wellbeing. It’s important to me that I help others with functionalities. Everyone should be able to perform daily task without struggle. Assisting others gaining control of unhealthy habits and developing more positive outlooks on fitness as a whole. Unhealthy eating habits are the continuing battles for the majority of us. Physical well-being is measured by how much the person themselves value it. Personally, I want for every person to value their well being extremely high.

We now bring you Palma Ceia Fit Body Boot Camp in the heart of Tampa Florida. Our mission is to bring you the same results as other Fit Body Boot Camps around the world. We strive to give people results, and help you be proud of your abilities every session you attend. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to . We want every single member to feel a part of a family pushing one another. Give us a chance to help you along your fitness journey.

My name is Stephanie Biernat and I love improving the quality of other’s lives through fitness. I focus on complex resistance training to help people consistently improve themselves over the long term.

While growing up in New Jersey, I was always active. I played soccer, basketball, softball, and ran track. However, dance was my passion! I loved how I felt after a class. Anything that was bothering me before, no longer felt as stressful after wards. Some of my favorite classes were when we simply did dance conditioning. I loved that I could see direct results from my training in my dance technique.

I used what I had learned in class to develop my own fitness routines outside of the studio. I began doing the workouts alone and slowly but surely, friends and family would tag along. I then realized that I had a passion for creating programs for others that made them feel good, inside and out.

When I left New Jersey to go to school at the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida, my passion for fitness grew! I began doing bootcamps for my sorority sisters and fellow dancers. While on the dance team, I was the Health and Fitness Director. I organized team workouts twice a week. Not only did that make us stronger dancers, it was great bonding time for our team!

While at UT, I spent a lot of time in the human performance lab, participating in studies and broadening my knowledge of health and wellness. I met skilled professionals whom I worked with to create programs that would get the non-dancer a “dancer’s bod” and get a dancer to the next level in their career.

This past year, Joel and I had a baby girl! Her name is Ariya and she has become our motivation to stay active. Besides being pretty tired, I remained as active as I could during my pregnancy which I believe helped greatly with my labor. I taught my last class a week before she was born! After having Ariya, I feel extremely comfortable coaching other women through their pregnancy and postpartum since I have experience.

I really want to help other moms recognize their abilities and gain confidence through fitness, just like I did. That is why we decided to open Palma Ceia Fit Body Boot Camp! The dedication they have to changing lives is in line with the services I want to provide my community.

At Palma Ceia FBBC, we aim to provide you with the same results as other Fit Body Boot Camps have provided around the world! Our fitness studio is driven by results and our trainers will support you to be proud of your capabilities each and every time you come for a workout! I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to do what I love day after day. Our studio is a family and welcomes all fitness levels. We look forward to helping you on your unique fitness journey.

Fit Body Boot Camp is a proud member of the Inc. 5000 list for fastest growing companies in the United States. We believe we have earned this honor through our outstanding service to clients and franchisees alike, and we strive to keep building on that level of service every day!

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