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About Rob Kometscher

Hey there. My name is Rob Kometscher. I am a Paramedic/Firefighter of nearly 3 decades. My life has been dedicated to helping others in my community. Surprisingly, not all firefighters are calendar models or the epitome of health and fitness. Firefighters often eat horribly and seldom make fitness a priority.

I was one of those guys. I was 75 pounds overweight and still gaining. I was on three medications for my blood pressure alone as well as a statin for elevated cholesterol. I was not able to sleep at night but for some reason when I was behind the wheel of my truck, I wasn’t able to stay awake. I was trying to function on coffee, sweet tea, and Monster Energy Drinks every single day and failing miserably.

June 26th of 2017, I fell asleep at the wheel and this time the rumble strips did not wake me up. Being a Paramedic, I had scraped many others out of vehicles that were not as lucky as I was. I knew that not only was my own health in jeopardy, I was endangering the lives of those on the road with me. That day changed my life. It was the wake-up call I needed.

My change began with my nutrition. Choosing healthier options in the grocery store and adding premium nutritional supplements was just the start. I also gave up all caffeinated beverages. Within just 3 days, I noticed that I was actually more alert and had energy. Within a couple weeks I was sleeping at night and not on the road. Over the next month, I made my way to the gym and learned that fitness could be fun and not a chore. I now have a passion for working out and do so a minimum of 3 times a week and typically 5-6 times. To date I have dropped most of my excess weight, gained over 15 pounds of lean muscle, and have eliminated all of my medications.

Loving the changes I personally had, I started helping others do the same. This became a new means to fulfilling my passion of helping people and I wanted to do more of it. This led me to investigate how I could help even more people. I found the best of all worlds, Fit Body Boot Camp. I knew this was right as I could help my neighbors and friends with their nutrition and fitness goals while making it lots of fun and still fitting into the busy lives we all have.

I am excited to bring Fit Body Boot Camp to Moncks Corner and help people of all fitness levels achieve their goals. Our Coaches, Director of Client Services, and Myself are fully committed to holding you accountable while making it a fun and family atmosphere.

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