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About Charles Tolles

Hey y’all! My name is Charles Tolle. Welcome to the WAKE FOREST FIT BODY BOOT CAMP website! If you’ve made it this far down the page, I’m guessing you are pretty serious about changing your health, life, and fitness level. It can be a confusing, frustrating, intimidating process. I should know…I’ve been sitting right where you are. Here is a little bit of my story.

When I was a kid, I was an active athlete in team sports, playing baseball, hockey, football, and tennis. I also enjoyed hiking, biking, and skiing. I continued most of these activities into adulthood. Then, I had a heart attack. I realized I wasn’t as young and healthy as I thought I was. I endured months of anxiety, depression, and self-loathing. Sometimes you just get sick and tired of being sick and tired, which is why I decided to fight back. That’s when I began my fitness journey. I devoted my energy to understanding why my health had deteriorated and what I could do about it. I made the conscious decision not to give up. I had too much to live for….YOU have too much to live for. I’m still on this health/fitness journey, and I’m still learning, still stumbling, still struggling at times, but never giving up.

My journey brought me to a health and wellness company, where I learned a ton about nutrition. I was instrumental in helping people lose hundreds of pounds solely through changing their eating habits! That’s when I discovered Fit Body Boot Camp and their 30-minute high intensity interval workouts. I was blown away by the results people received combining healthy eating and fitness. I knew then that I had found my passion and my path.

Here at WAKE FOREST FIT BODY BOOT CAMP we aspire to be your teammates and your fitness family. We will motivate, support, teach, encourage, and cheer you on! We will listen to your health/fitness aspirations. Then, we will work tirelessly to provide you with the best INDIVIDUAL nutrition/fitness path for you. Aside from the time you spend with loved ones, we aspire to be the next best part of your day, week, month, and year!!

Please come join us for our FREE, NO OBLIGATION trial sessions and become part of the team and part of our family!! We look forward to helping you on your health/fitness journey!!

10% of life is what happens to you. The other 90% is what you do about it.

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