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About Tony Buck

Hi, I am Coach Tony Buck. Fitness has been apart of my life since the age of 15. In December of 2014, I decided to pursue my passion for fitness, since I had taken some time away from working out because of my hectic life schedule. I spent the most of 2015 working on myself, dedicated to beginning a fitness journey that would soon change the course of my life. That same year, I also decided to become a personal trainer. I had some ups and downs throughout this journey, but I kept working at my craft every day.

During the summer of 2015, while working as a manager at a big box gym, I started to teach fitness boot camp classes to a few of the members there. They loved my style of teaching, which ultimately lead me to teach boot camp classes two times per week.

In 2016, I came across an opportunity to join a local Fit Body Boot Camp as a COACH. That is truly when my life changed even more. Being able to connect with so many people on a personal level- while only spending 30 minutes of your day working out-really helped me find my mission in life…TO HELP OTHERS IN NEED!

The rest is history, as they say…

I have been a Fit Body Boot Camp Coach/Owner for over two years and absolutely love what I do.

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