Letting certified coaches lead your fitness plans is a smart way to create quick and sustainable results. With our personal training at Forest Hill MD Fit Body Boot Camp, you'll get the kind of caring guidance you need to make amazing progress in a hurry. Our coaches provide instruction, feedback, and plenty of inspiration to lead you comfortably to your goals. We're proud to offer our incredible program and consistent results to the communities of Forest Hill, Bel Air, Churchville, Jarrettsville, and nearby towns.

Personal training is one of the quickest ways to turn your life around. We help people from any starting point achieve a lean, strong body and a more energized life. It's an amazing way to look and feel better than ever, which is why we're determined to bring these powerful workouts to more people. Read on to learn more.

About Our Group Personal Training

Group workouts help us get a lot more out of each member. The fact is, having the right workout environment is just as important as the quality of the exercise. If you're not comfortable and having a good time, you're much less likely to stick around long enough to build results. Our format and fun, positive atmosphere keeps you in a good mood and ready to come back for more. Our social dynamic also offers a supportive environment where everyone can feel empowered.

Teaming up is a terrific way to experience great exercise without stress or boredom. Plus, it also results in significant savings. Private personal training sessions can be incredibly expensive, so the lower individual fees of our program create a nice opportunity for more people to afford the coaching they need.

We Welcome All Fitness Levels in Forest Hill

Personal training can truly transform your life. Having our expert coaches in charge of your fitness plans is a great way to succeed, regardless of your experience level. Our team supplies all the knowledge you need, and our safe and simple method provides a smooth entry point for those of you without past training.

With our experienced staff guiding you every step of the way, you'll be shocked by how quickly you begin seeing results. We provide the right plans for each situation, which includes personalized routines designed to meet your individual needs. This customization allows us to help everyone, including those with existing injuries.

Our powerful personal training workouts in Forest Hill can be modified to match any fitness level and work for any set of goals. If you want to improve your life and start loving the way you look and feel, keep reading and join us today!


It’s a common myth that personal training is only for people who already meet a certain level of fitness. In fact, our friendly fitness coaches at Fit Body Boot Camp are ready to welcome people at ANY fitness level.

We know from experience that anyone can achieve the fitness transformation they hope for with the right personal training. Many of our clients are surprised and delighted to see how strong they really are after just a few sessions!

And if you come in with an existing injury -- no problem. Our coaches can easily modify our personal training to keep you safe and still provide the maximum calorie burn you need to reach your fitness goals.

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Fit Body Boot Camp personal training is especially popular with women because we prioritize sustainable fat loss and body toning.

We don’t use any methods that create “bulky” muscles -- instead, our signature Afterburn workouts help create a slimmer, tighter, leaner figure in only 30 minutes per session.

Plus, our community-driven atmosphere gives our members the support they need for the emotional side of fitness. It’s always easier to make a change for the better when you have others beside you on the same journey.

Of course, men are welcome too! And since our workouts are also excellent for supporting general health and wellness, many people find Fit Body Boot Camp the perfect fit for their busy lifestyles.

weight loss program


For your first Fit Body Boot Camp workout, please wear appropriate fitness attire along with comfortable athletic shoes. Beyond that, all you need to bring is a water bottle, a small hand towel, and a positive attitude!

You do NOT need to bring any equipment of your own. Our workouts require little equipment and everything you need is already onsite.


Unlike traditional personal training, the support we provide at Fit Body Boot Camp doesn’t stop just because you’re back home. We recognize that your diet and lifestyle are just as important as exercise for achieving the results you seek.

That’s why our fitness coaches will follow up with you that very first day to help you get the best rest and recovery before you come in for the next session. They’ll also be there to answer any questions you may have about our program.

In fact, our coaches will ALWAYS be there to provide motivation, accountability, and guidance -- whether you just finished session #1 or session number #100! They’ll even follow up to make sure you’re okay if you miss a session or two.

We know sometimes life gets in the way, and we know also that consistency is the most important factor in achieving your health and fitness goals. The important part is to remember you’re never alone on this journey -- you’ve got a fitness family ready to help you stay on track!



You may have noticed already that we say “fitness coaches” when we talk about our team members instead of “personal trainers.” There’s an important reason for this.

Technically speaking, a “personal trainer” is someone certified to train others based on their knowledge of the human body. They understand the muscular system and know which movements will produce the best results.

A “fitness coach” offers something greater. A fitness coach is certified with the same knowledge of the human body, but it doesn’t stop there. We also seek out and train coaches for their emotional intelligence and passion for fitness.

A coach brings their heart and soul to personal training. They don’t just share their knowledge -- they forge a bond of trust with every boot camp member so they can bring out the best in them.

When you work out with one of our fitness coaches, you’ll be amazed by your own abilities. You’ll be so full of inspiration and energy that you reach higher than you ever thought you could on your own.

That’s the moment when your fitness journey becomes more than just personal training -- it becomes a healthy lifestyle you wouldn’t dream of giving up!



The most important personal training happens in the kitchen -- although not all gyms or personal trainers are ready to admit this!

At Fit Body Boot Camp, we’re fully committed to your fat loss results, and that means we bring the same science-backed, lifestyle-friendly approach to your diet that we bring to our workouts.

We do NOT practice or endorse calorie counting, restrictive dieting, crash dieting, or quick-fix “cleanses” that harm the body. In fact, many of our members end up eating MORE food after they sign up -- not less.

How is that possible? Well, it turns out, most problems relating to weight gain and poor health come from malnutrition -- AKA not getting enough REAL food.

That’s why we embrace a whole foods diet that gives you the power to express yourself and delight your family with a huge variety of tasty, fat-torching meals.

With the right diet, personal training results come easy and they stick around for good!

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The Best 30 Minutes of Your Day

If you’ve ever thought personal training was “a chore” or “just another thing on the to-do list” then you’re in for an awesome surprise!

At Fit Body Boot Camp, our personal training sessions are exciting, high-energy workouts and they’re only 30 minutes long -- meaning you’ll be challenged and making progress for every second of your workout.

That’s because our commitment is to deliver “The Best 30 Minutes of Your Day.” We accomplish this by having the friendliest coaches, the most positive community, and the most dynamic workouts -- all in a clean, modern space maintained to the higher standards.