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Hi! My name is Tony Galluzzo and I want to help you achieve your goals to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. As a child and teen, I was chubby and struggled with my weight. I felt self conscious about my body and how I looked. My fitness journey started as I grew older and discovered a passion for fitness and being healthy. The more I worked out, the more I loved it and with time, I started to see positive changes not only physically, but mentally. I was hooked on the way I felt after each workout and how my body was transforming. Then I suffered an injury that has left me with lifelong back issues. Doctors recommended surgery, but I refused and was determined to find alternate ways to heal the pain. By committing to a healthy and fit lifestyle, I have been able to manage the weight and pain and have never felt better. As I moved into the next stage of my life, married with two young children it was not always easy to work out and eat right. I value time spent with my family and now more than ever want to stay healthy to live a longer life. I have to work harder to maintain my ideal weight, but with HIIT workouts and proper nutrition, I have been able to stay at my ideal weight. I have had a life-long commitment to health and fitness, but I have never had these results until I found Fit Body Boot Camp and the Unstoppable Fitness Formula. As I am now entering my forties, I have never looked or felt better. I feel so passionate about this that I want to share it with others and help them to feel and look their best. With the FBBC proven “after burn” method, you are on the path to some amazing results. The 30 minute HIIT workouts will challenge everyone, are fun, and allow you to see results quickly. We provide meal plans along with nutrition advice. Our team of trainers are driven to push and motivate every individual to bring out the best in you. We will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our goal at South Oakville Fit Body Boot Camp is to have every individual that walks through our doors to feel like family and have the confidence in themselves to look and feel amazing. South Oakville Fit Body Boot Camp is one of hundreds of FBBC locations around the world that will strive to provide you with amazing results. Our studio is for all fitness levels and a place where every member will have fun, be supported, and burn maximum fat. With our proven fat loss workouts, coaching support and dedication, you will be on your way to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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