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About Sharon Bennett

Hi Everybody!

My name is Sharon Bennett. I have lived on beautiful Vancouver Island for most of my life, and I don’t think that there’s a better place on Earth to call home. I am so, so excited to bring the first Fit Body Boot Camp to the Island.

For 20+ years I was in Retail Management and worked with some amazing people. I have helped some of those same people (but on a much larger scale) once I began my career as a licensed Real Estate Agent, and I’m hoping to help many many more wonderful people in our near future. I have seen, felt, and experienced what being out of shape can do to a person. Not only to their health, but their happiness as well. The horrible irony is that the worse your physical shape, the less you “feel like” doing something about it. I know, trust me.

My goal is not only to make improving ourselves accessible, but we are going to make it FUN! There is no better feeling than doing that one thing, no matter how small, that makes you feel like you’ve “won”. And I want to help people achieve that everyday.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to invite you all to our Nanaimo FBBC family. I can’t wait to watch you “win”.

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