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About The Hyde Park Fit Body Team

Hi! We are David & Shannon Giovanniello and Olivia Harty & Alex Lewis.

We have had a passion for helping others our entire lives, which is what brought us to open Hyde Park Fit Body Boot Camp. We all love being fit and healthy, and we want to help others feel as good as we do.

Shannon and David

Shannon and David both take their health, fitness and wellness very seriously. Being parents to boys keeps them on their toes. They want to enjoy these years by being active and outside.

Shannon has always tried to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, being a mother of 2 very active boys-from meal planning for the family every week to ensuring that she and the boys are physically active. Health has always been important in their home, and it has been rewarding for her to see her children’s health become such a big priority. Shannon struggles with anxiety, so when a friend suggested going to the gym to help her cope, she tried it out and her health leveled up. Within the last few years of working out on a consistent schedule, she has not only improved her physical health, but exercise has positively impacted her anxiety. Whether you struggle with anxiety or depression, exercise will help relieve your stress, help with your sleep, and boost your overall mood. You deserve to make your health a priority, not an option.

David started working out in high school while playing competitive hockey, but only after the birth of his son and his mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease did he start to take his health and fitness seriously. David embarked on a mission to make personal and spiritual well-being a priority. His passion for helping others led him to become a professional Fire Fighter for 20 years. David’s philosophy is simple: “consistency is key”. His goal is to be better than yesterday, and their goal together is to help you reach your goal.

On behalf of our team, we invite you to Hyde Park Fit Body Boot Camp. We decided to open up our Fit Body Boot Camp franchise because of the reputation of Fit Body Boot Camp and the Unstoppable Fitness Formula model. We are a results driven fitness studio, and our trainers will push and motivate you to be proud of your abilities every time you come in! We are so thankful to have this opportunity. Our studio is for all fitness levels, and we want every member to feel as though they are a part of our family.

Olivia Harty

Olivia has always been active. She began competing in dance at the age of 5- winning titles such as “Dancer of the Year” and “Hall of Fame Inductee” at competitions across North America and competing at the International Level with Team Canada in Germany at the IDO World Dance Championships. Near the end of high school she realized she was overworked, under-nourished and being bombarded with the pressure to maintain a certain aesthetic. Because of this, she developed an entirely new awareness and curiosity about food and safe strength, conditioning and recovery methods. She attended Western University and completed her Honours Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics degree, and a dance minor. After graduation, she continued her education at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition while working at two clinical settings alongside chiropractors, physiotherapists, sport psychologists, dieticians and athletic therapists. She also completed her Personal Training Specialist Certification and Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hour) Certification.

Olivia has a deep understanding of the power of nutrition, movement and their importance in leading a healthy lifestyle. Wellness for Olivia is practicing self-love by listening to and nourishing your body, mind and spirit. It’s about living a guilt-free, vibrant life. If you’re ready to go on a little journey to create a healthy lifestyle that is suited for you and your body, Olivia is happy to be your guide through the process.

Alex Lewis

Hello! My name is Alex Lewis! I am very excited to be coming on board with Fit Body Boot Camp! Growing up just outside of London, I have had to pleasure of being thrust into sports at a young age. Soccer was what I eventually excelled at. Winning Two National Championships with Marconi Men’s Premier Division Team 2015 & 2016 has shown me what a team environment can achieve. I want to bring this mindset with me to Fit Body Bootcamp in order to help others attain their goals. I have completed a 4-year undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at The University of Western Ontario, so I also bring a plethora of knowledge when it comes to workouts and fitness. After I completed my undergrad I continued on with my education to become a Certified Canadian Pedorthist. My main scope of practice has narrowed over my last few years to orthotic manufacturing and design. I can’t wait to meet all the past, present and future members of Fit Body Boot Camp! Looking forward to helping others push themselves further and faster towards their goals!

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