About Joshua Commons

I’m a NASM certified personal trainer with a degree in Exercise Science from Ball State University. I have been changing lives for nearly 16 years now as a personal trainer. I have helped individuals lose as much as 180 lb. in 14 months or gain 35 lb. of muscle in 6 months. But the key word in all of this is “helped.” I have learned over the years there is no one way to help someone create their fit body. What is your fit body? Is it improving your time running a 5k? Is it to be stronger? Or maybe it’s to reduce stubborn belly fat? My job is to listen and grow with each and every person, so that as a team we can knock down any roadblocks or obstacles in our way. There will be ups and downs, but my job is to create stability and consistency. You can count on me to be your rock!

As I was finishing up my degree at Ball State, I had the opportunity to work in a cardiac rehabilitation center. The majority of patients there were recovering from open heart surgery. This was a very depressing and frustrating environment for everyone involved. The majority of people were in shock or in the “why me” mode as I would call it.

When I graduated I made a vow that from that moment on, I would dedicate my life to working on the prevention of health issues and not reacting to issues after they had already occurred. So, I stepped into the personal training field working to help individuals, one by one, achieve their fitness goals.

However, the one thing that still hurt my heart was having to turn people away because the price point of personal training was too expensive. So when I had the opportunity to work with the Fit Body Boot Camp team and offer my expertise as a personal trainer for only 10% of the price of one-on-one training, I was thrilled. The key is the small group setting where the team shares the price. The workouts are the same and just as effective. This is an opportunity where we can finally get results and keep them as we create better lifelong habits as a team!

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