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About Michael/ Tony Etter

Meet Mike and Tony Etter!

They have been living in Palm Beach County most of their lives. They love being fit and being healthy, not only by the influence of sunny beach days, but because they learned early on, the physical and mental benefits of exercise. Exercise gives you sharper memory and thinking, higher self-esteem, better sleep, more energy and stronger resilience. Mike & Tony have always had a passion for helping others and they would love for everyone to also experience the feeling of walking through life gracefully and at ease by making the habitual efforts to being physically and mentally fit!

As kids, they were always involved in sports; they also knew that nutrition was key.

Mike and Tony have helped their clients achieve their ideal fitness goals by helping them understand that you have to make fitness a habit, to take action every day. By helping others realize this, the Etter brothers knew this was their calling, to change lives through fitness. When they partnered with the Fit Body Boot Camp brand, whose goals and ambitions aligned exactly with the Etter brothers and seeing the results that FBBC has provided people all around the world, Mike and Tony knew it was the perfect match to help change lives with FBBC, through fitness.

The Etter brothers love applying their gym work ethic to everything they do in life! “Go Big Or Go Home” is their motto that they have applied to life. Being in the industry all these years has made them understand the frustrations people have, of putting in crazy amounts of hours into a box gym, cardio and not getting the results you truly want. They also understand the obstacles and distractions that are thrown at you on a daily basis. Their mindset is, you only have 1 life and the days, weeks, months and years fly by with the same results each year. You have to do something different if you want change and not letting fear or excuses get in the way. You owe it to yourself to have the body you’ve always wanted and the confidence that comes with that. Show up and they will get you there.

Here at West Palm Beach FBBC, they want you to feel the difference of being part of a family style gym, where everyone works out together to achieve safe guaranteed results, or your money back! Their fitness studio is for all fitness levels. They guarantee a friendly, high energetic team that will be like your second family, helping you to achieve your personal fitness goals. Their goal is to make this the best 30 minutes of your day. Don’t over think it, come join the team today with your free 3-day pass and 3D imaging from our Inbody-570 to measure progress/results to the fullest!

We look forward to helping you in your fitness journey!

Mike and Tony

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