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About Karen Scott

Hello To All – As the new Owner, i am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the West Bloomfield community and the Fit Body Family. I have always be an active person in sports as a young person, running, aerobics, and some volleyball for fun. And most recently i decided i would try Fit Body Boot Camp. This style of exercise and the community was transformational for me. I not only saw results of toning that i was looking for, but the positive environment was amazing! I wanted to be there all the time. i even wanted to get up in the morning to go workout and let me tell you that is a big for me!!

Fit Body Boot Camp’s nutritional training was also the first time i truly learned about healthy eating in a way that i understood and could change my lifestyle. And i saw results that i had struggled with for several years. With the desire for more of the positive community, my passion to help others and my love of fitness, i decided to leave the corporate world to help fulfill others find healthy lifestyles!

I look forward to working with the WBFBBC Team to bring even more energy and healthy lives to West Bloomfield and the surrounding communities with just 30 minutes a day!! Together we will be UNSTOPPABLE!!

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