About Jason Adair

Hi! My name is Jason Adair. My fitness journey began in 2007 on the day of my wedding. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I would soon be shocked and embarrassed with the way that I looked standing next to my stunning wife in our wedding photos.

In the beginning, I found it extremely difficult to lose weight. There was so much information to sift through, so many opinions, “facts” and methods all telling me their way was the best way. However, over time I figured it out and learned what worked for me and what didn’t.

Through the years, it has been my passion to learn everything I can about nutrition and training. I have found that as I get older and as my body ages, it is important to stay up to date and adjust when needed.

Much has changed since, but not my passion for fitness. I determined that the best way I can help others is to pass on what knowledge I have acquired over the years. I want to save people from making the same mistakes I did, and from dealing with the same frustrations that I worked through.

Topeka Fit Body Boot Camp will strive to provide you the same results as other Fit Body Boot Camps have provided around the world! We are a result driven fitness studio, and our trainers will push and motivate you to be proud of your abilities every time you come! I am so thankful to have the opportunity to do what I love. Our studio is for all fitness levels, and we want every member to feel as though they are a part of our family. We look forward to helping you in your fitness journey.

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