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About Derek Rackley

Hi, I’m Derek Rackley, owner of Sugar Hill Fit Body Boot Camp along with my wife, Lisa. Fitness, training and performing at the highest of athletic levels has been a major part of our lives. I played college football at the University of Minnesota and then went on to an 8-year career in the National Football League with the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks. I was in a weight room or on the practice field five to six days a week for the majority of my life until retirement from football! Lisa spent her high school career as a dancer and cheerleader before becoming the youngest Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader ever at the age of 17. She spent six years as a Falcons Cheerleader, being selected as a captain twice and representing the team in the 2004 Pro Bowl. Being active and staying physically fit has always been a huge part of her life.

When I retired from football, I needed a “fitness break” from the constant training that was mandatory for my job. After a few pounds started to creep on my body, I searched to find the right “fit” since I wasn’t required to train for a living. I thought I could put together my own workouts and routine with all of my experience, but I quickly found out that training alone with no accountability and motivation didn’t get me very far. Then Lisa and I tried a few ‘at home’ workouts which helped us lose some weight and get back in shape but after 12-13 weeks, those programs were complete, they ended. So we took a break from that, got out of that routine and a few pounds came back on.

About a year later, Lisa was introduced to Fit Body Boot Camp and ultimately brought me in as well. After getting back into a groove, watching the weight fall off our bodies, seeing our muscles getting as toned as they were back in our pro athlete days, all in just 30 minutes per day…we knew that Fit Body Boot Camp was right for us! We love the accountability, motivation and consistent change so our bodies never plateau, and the best part of all – it’s been a lifestyle change. There’s no end to this program! We’ve just made Fit Body Boot Camp a priority and a part of our daily schedule much like breakfast, taking our kids to school and running errands. And we can’t wait to share that new lifestyle with YOU by having you join us at Sugar Hill Fit Body Boot Camp!

We will work you hard and all of this will happen in a fun, motivating, family-like atmosphere. So what are you waiting for? Come and train with a couple of old ‘Pros’, create a new lifestyle, transform your body and be proud of the new YOU!

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