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My dad died when I was 9 years old of a heart attack. He was 36 years old. I was told very early in my life that the men in my family didn’t exactly have the longest life-span, and I needed to always pay close attention to my health. I’ve always been athletic, with wrestling, football and diving in high school. And I continued lifting weights in our garage gym with my family. I attended the Police Academy in 2001, which pushed my physical fitness even further, as well as my love for fitness. When I was 29, the news arrived. I have high blood pressure. I was instantly put on medications and given the lecture of taking care of myself, and always getting checked regularly. Needless to say, after getting that wonderful news, age 36 was coming…and it terrified me. If I wasn’t going to die of a natural heart attack like my dad, I was going to give myself one from stressing about it so much. My 36th year of life came and went, and I was still upright, terrorizing the world. It was that time that I chose to really commit to my physical fitness. I worked out religiously, every day. I studied everything I could on exercises and nutrition, but it was just confusing and I did the best I could. I set an ultimate goal for myself. I was going to reach 200 lbs with 10% or less body fat. I was 173 lbs and 15% Body Fat. I had some work to do. For the next three years I pushed toward my goal and refused to let up. I felt amazing and saw the changes in the mirror that I looked at every day. But I still wasn’t getting close to my goal. When I met Katie, I instantly noticed we had one big thing in common – physical fitness. She was in amazing shape and I definitely noticed! She told me about her sessions at Fit Body Boot Camp in Modesto and how much it had changed her life. She invited me to join her in one of the sessions and I was more than happy to. Now, keep in mind, I spent my time lifting weights, but did very little cardio. I went into the first session with the “Pft! This is going to be easy!” attitude. I spent more time on my back trying to bring my heart rate down then I did actually doing the workout. Katie was encouraging me, most likely trying to hold back the “I told you so”. I was hooked. We worked out every day together and my physical fitness greatly improved. I fell in love with Fit Body Boot Camp. The atmosphere. The family. Everything about it. After a year, Katie and I decided to chase our passion and love for fitness and FBBC, and start our own, so that we can help other people feel the way that we do. I want people to fall in love with life and not be afraid of something that can hold them back. We fear that which we do not understand. People are afraid of physical fitness because they don’t understand it. We want to help people to understand it, so it becomes a love and no longer a fear.


My family genetics are terrible. Most of the women in my family are overweight. I watched my Mom struggle with weight all of my life. I found myself struggling with my weight as well. I became pregnant at the young age of 18 with my daughter. I gained 46 lbs during that pregnancy. Weighing in at 201 lbs. Mind you, I am 5’1″ so any extra weight is not cute. My weight continued to fluctuate through the years. I can just look at food and gain weight so I have to be very careful and work really hard to stay healthy. At one point I found myself weighing 217 lbs. I felt it. I was lazy, unmotivated and extremely depressed. I once again got motivated to lose weight and brought my weight back down to 182 lbs. Though I was still not happy with the way I looked, I felt better. In 2010, I once again got pregnant. This time I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I was devastated. I now had a baby growing inside me, and I needed to be careful with my food intake or it affected my unborn child as well. This pregnancy I only gained 18 lbs but still weighed in at 201 lbs when I had my son. I was still miserable and depressed, and to make matters worse I was in a marriage I didn’t want to be in. While I still needed to be a mom, I often used that as an excuse as to why I couldn’t eat right or workout. I needed motivation, accountability, and a healthy outlet. Somewhere I could find some “Me” time. Because if I didn’t love myself, I knew I was not gonna be happy enough to be the mom my kids deserved. I started attending Modesto Fit Body Boot Camp in 2013. I instantly fell in love. I loved the trainers and the people I met. You get used to seeing the same people in class everyday, they become family and hold you accountable. Thats exactly what I needed. I was getting results like crazy, people were noticing and I was happier again. In 2014, I had a double fusion back surgery. This completely slowed me down and actually had me mostly bed ridden for 7 long months. I was determined to heal and get back to Fit Body Boot Camp. Despite what the doctor was telling me, I knew I ultimately had control and would convince the doctor. I rehabilitated religiously – I walked and did as much as I possibly could. I was back in Fit Body Boot Camp by the end of 2014. I managed to get myself in the best shape of my life, and I liked it. I met Jake in 2015, and we were instantly bonded by our passion for fitness and helping others. Jake started joining me at Modesto Fit Body Boot Camp and fell in love. Even though he had that “isn’t it just for girls” mentality, it kicked him into the best shape of his life. He was in love. We completed our first Spartan Trifecta together in 2016. We grew so much closer during each race. We found ourselves encouraging new people when they joined our fit family, we loved it. Our passion was growing so much so that on our way home from Christmas with Jake’s family in Tulare, we had the crazy thought of just moving away and starting our own Fit Body Boot Camp where we knew we could impact people. Jake grew up in Visalia, so we decided to move closer to his family and start our life together. We are just beyond blessed and excited to have this opportunity to help many more people change their lives!! Let us take the guess work out of your workouts, all you have to do is show up! Hope you will join us and become a part of South Visalia Fit Body Boot Camp Family.

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