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About Leon Beeloo

I don’t know if my story is too different from many of you. When I was in my 20s I was pretty active, going to school, having fun, working hard and basically eating whatever I wanted to. And I was subscribed to the mantra of, work hard, get good grades, get a good job and live happily ever after. And I followed that path for the next 20-years. What I found is that as I progressed my career, my activity went down, my work load increased and my waist line expanded. I hit a point where I was almost 50-pounds overweight. Not COOL right.

I still remember sitting in my doctor’s office when I was in my late 30-somethings and he started going down the list of all the physical things I needed to be concerned with. And then he whipped out the prescription pad (my doc is old school like that, pen to paper) to write me up some scripts for high-blood pressure and cholesterol.

At the time I was feeling a little hopeless, but rather than go on the medication path I decided to take a more natural approach and that is when I was introduced to resistance training and high intensity cardio. The combination of these two really helped me get me back in shape in a relatively short time. I caught the bug man and had to keep myself motivated to keep with my workouts and to really understand this body of mine that I had essentially taken for granted over the last 40-years.

Over the last 5-years I have gotten certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and began working with friends and co-workers to help them along the way. This passion for fitness and helping people get the results they deserve is what eventually lead me to opening up my own Fit Body Boot Camp and sharing the Unstoppable Fitness Formula with not just my friends but now with my local community. At Fit Body Boot Camp, our philosophy is to effectively help people change their lives with fitness boot camps and a focus on making small, consistent lifestyle changes that will support a lifetime of health and wellness.

South Shore Fit Body Boot Camp was born in 2015 and open as of March 2016. The unstoppable fitness formula that Fit Body Boot Camp implements along with the energy and motivation has given our boot camp members results unlike any ever before.

Fit Body Boot Camp has helped me dedicate my life to helping others and turn my passion into a vehicle to change lives here on the South Shore. I’m so thankful every day that I discovered Fit Body Boot Camp as it has helped me share my knowledge and fat loss secrets with hundreds of people!

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