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About Daniel Laga

HI! My name is Daniel Laga.

I bring ten years of experience as a personal trainer, helping my clients achieve individual fitness goals ranging from weight loss and toning to strength building and preparing for fitness competitions. Personally, I have trained as a competitive fitness model and have even won titles, including first place for Fitness Model California (Muscle Mania) Hermosa Beach.

​My fitness journey began at a young age in Czechoslovakia. When I was six, I took up cross-country skiing and even entered competitions in the sport. As a teenager, I took interest in Martial Arts. At first I took Karate and then shifted to kickboxing, which I have been practicing ever since. In my 20s, I moved to the United States where I began bodybuilding. I received certifications from ISSA, AFFA and NASM. From there I worked at Bally and Equinox. Today, I run my own business out of my gym, allowing me the time and energy to devote more focus on my training clients.

I work with everyone from fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilding competitors and athletes to celebrities, executives and couch potatoes alike. There is no challenge I’m not up for – I take my clients’ success personally. I want you to achieve your goals as much as you do and I’ll fight to get you there and I’ll celebrate with you along the way.

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