About Sean Queller

Hi! My name is Sean Queller. I have worked in the fitness industry for many years. Through my experiences, I’ve realized how important taking care of your health and wellness through fitness and nutrition is to your personal success and happiness. I am extremely passionate about helping individuals reach their fitness and wellness goals, and I would love the opportunity to help you live a better life.

I was not always so committed to living a healthy lifestyle. I was overweight as a teenager until I began to wrestle in high school. Still, I did not use healthy eating habits to maintain my weight. Later on, in college and in my twenties, I worked in many restaurants. That’s when I became more interested in food, wine, and hanging out late at night than exercise and nutrition. I finally saw a major change in my life when I joined the Army National Guard-it made me realize how unhealthy I had become. I was very overweight and couldn’t even come close to passing the Army physical fitness test. After 10 weeks in basic training, I was a new man. I was down 25 pounds and leaping back into a regimen of physical fitness. I was on the right path, but I still needed some more direction.

Over the next few years, I still struggled with poor eating and irregular exercise. However, I continued to educate myself on fitness and nutrition. Finally, the first of my four children was born, which motivated me to feel better and live a healthier lifestyle.

I deployed to Iraq with my Army National Guard unit in 2008-2009. Since then, I’ve been fully committed to a lifelong pursuit of fitness and wellness. The chaotic environment where I was deployed, a lack of focus on nutrition, and poor sleep inspired me to take control of my life, and that led me to help others take control of their lives too. Whatever your situation is, stress gets to everyone, but exercise and nutrition can alleviate that stress and make you feel so much better.

The Fit Body Boot Camp system and community is there to help you live a much healthier and happier life. At Rocky Point Fit Body Boot Camp, we will strive to provide you with the same results that hundreds of other Fit Body Boot Camps have provided around the world! We are a result driven fitness studio, and our trainers will push and motivate you to be proud of your abilities every time you come in. I am so grateful to wake up every morning and help others feel healthier and happier, simply by teaching them fitness and nutrition. Our studio is for all fitness levels, and we want every member to feel as though they are part of our family. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals as you continue your fitness journey.

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