About Valerie Buccino

Hi! I’m Valerie. I am a certified personal trainer and a certified Integrative Nutrition health coach.

For my whole life, I have been passionate about helping people in health, fitness and beyond. I have always been involved in fitness in some way, whether through sports, weight lifting or group training activities. Despite my love of health and fitness, however, I struggled a lot with figuring out what was best for my body. Through experimenting with different eating habits and fitness formulas (for many years!), I was able to find what worked for me and break out of the weight gain and weight loss cycle I’d experienced for so long.

It took me many years to become comfortable in my own skin. My goal now is to help others discover what that feels like. There is nothing quite like feeling comfortable, happy and healthy and becoming the very best version of yourself.

When I discovered high-intensity interval training, it changed the way I viewed workouts. Our workouts here are hard work, but they are fun, only 30 minutes long and for all fitness levels. We also offer nutrition education and food plans, seminars, charity workouts and more. With the right nutrition, fitness formula and people surrounding you, we know you will be successful. When you join Robbinsville Fit Body Boot Camp, you aren’t just joining a new gym; you are joining a family who will welcome you with open arms and shower you with energy, motivation and success!

We feel so grateful and lucky to be able to do what we love while helping people take pride in their own strength, both in and out of the gym. Our goal is for you to leave our workouts feeling like you worked hard and accomplished something great, but we also want you to feel supported by the people in boot camp next to you. We want to help you set and achieve your goals, get results and become the best version of you. Come in and become a part of our family!

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