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About Trudi Chapa

My name is Trudi Chapa and I am your start partner and acceleration coach. My mission is to mess with the status quo and help people spend their lives achieving things they never dreamed possible. I am a mom of 3 wonderful kids, a personal development lover, a processes and systems thinker, a passionate student of the neuroscience of creativity and body movement, a high performance researcher, and a complete business geek.

I am a perpetual dreamer and fanatic observer. My mind is constantly connected to what is happening around me: people’s motivations and reactions, systems that work and fail, language that engages and distracts. For the last two decades, I have been listening, observing, reading, formulating, iterating, and dreaming-dreaming about how something can be done differently, more efficiently, and with more impact. Dreaming about how to improve upon a process or system, how to formalize an idea, how to connect to people, how to drive change quickly, and how to comfortably stand in the gap. I have created success mechanisms around my dreams for both my businesses and clients. My career has been full of change and full of opportunity, but the one thing that remains constant is that I perform intentional movement every day. It is the one control mechanism you have to improve your energy, focus, creativity, productivity, confidence, and connection.

Quick Career history:
I have over 20 years of success leading technical sales, solutions engineering, business development, and strategic marketing visioning. I’m an entrepreneurial strategist, recognized for an ability to streamline cross-functional teams and business operations that create opportunities and deliver creative value. I pride myself on leading teams with transparency and investing in their individual growth. My success in business as a corporate leader and intrapreneur, a co-founder of a co-working community, and an advisor to several tech startups is due to my passion for competition, collaboration, and high performance.

If you are looking to do more, build more, create more, but can’t possibly squeeze any more in your day, then you’ve gotta hear me out. Stop and take inventory of your body and mind right now. How does it feel? Are you tired or are you energized? Is your mind racing or is it clear? Are your feet dragging or are you walking with confidence and a bounce in your step? When you have a project to complete, can you sit down and knock it out or do you move around between multiple projects and emails? When you get to the end of the day, are you engaged and connected to your family? Do you still have energy left to play with your kiddos? Do you connect with your spouse or significant other?

Finding the time to fit it all in is where the real work begins. You need to stop to truly get started. Not integrating breaks and exercise into your day causes you to miss the chance to accelerate everything you do. You are MADE TO MOVE. Just as your car needs gas, your brain and body need intentional breaks and exercise. It is the fundamental fuel that impacts everything else in our lives. There are a million things we could do for exercise, but as you read, I like to keep things as simple and as EFFICIENT as possible, which is why I absolutely love the 30-minute Afterburn workouts that we provide at Fit Body. If someone isn’t working with a personal trainer, they might stop working out in general because they waste time trying to figure out what to do, they don’t end up seeing the results they expected, and they struggle to maintain the time commitment needed to see results. With Fit Body, all you need to do is block the time on your calendar and show up ready to work and have a ton of fun. The coaches help you do the rest. This will be the absolute best and most beneficial 30 minutes of your day. Modifications are provided for every level of fitness, meaning each workout is challenging enough for both the non-exerciser and the ultra-fit client

I believe everyone has an athlete within them, and I believe discovering this athlete can completely change the trajectory of your life, your happiness, and your success in your career and goals. Too bold? I don’t think so. My goal is to shift your mindset into one that seeks exercise instead of avoiding it. I want to shift your focus from getting thinner thighs and a smaller stomach to getting a stronger mind, creating a healthier and happier brain through physical activity and positive psychology. By discovering your athlete within, we will rewire your brain to create an optimistic, resilient, and determined mindset-one that will serve you in all aspects of your life. This is your fundamental fuel. My goal is to inform, motivate, and coach you through your own discovery process to unleash your inner athlete. Along the way, we will have a ridiculous amount of fun, launch challenges that will push you outside your comfort zone, and ultimately accomplish things you never thought possible. I can’t wait to meet you and that inner athlete waiting to take on the world. Let’s SWEAT together!

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