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About Nicole Becker

Fitness is not a routine; it is a lifestyle! Nicole and Gary advocate a lifestyle full of enthusiasm, adrenaline and health. Their company is dedicated to a fit and healthy lifestyle for their clients. Their fitness studio is located in Oakville, MO, and offers a fun and positive environment to maintain your FIT Lifestyle!

Nicole is an ACE certified professional in the field of training and fitness and ACE certified in Fitness Nutrition. She’s also a nationally qualified bikini competitor with the NPC. Gary, her husband, is very supportive of her passion for fitness and his interest in the field gives her the encouragement to further train other men and women.

Nicole and Gary are 100% committed to helping people feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and improving their quality of life through nutrition and exercise. Their goal is for everyone to look good, feel great and stay happy throughout their lives. The Unstoppable Fitness Formula is an opportunity they’re excited to share with you and they look forward to transforming your life.

Fitness is something that requires dedication, hard work and patience. You can rely on them to attain a body for you that is amazingly fit and healthy. They will provide you with the nutritional tools and knowledge needed by using innovative means, creating an enjoyable atmosphere and interacting closely with you. They want to know you, where you come from, and the results you aim to achieve. They will guide you as you embark on your fitness journey and are there to help you every step of the way.

They want you to live healthy, live happy and stay energetic. Their mission is to give back to the community they live in. The best way to give back is by offering health, happiness and fitness to the people around them. So the only question is: what are you waiting for? Give Oakville Fit Body a call and let them help start your transformation today!

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