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About Aaron Robertson

Hi! My name is Aaron Robertson. My beautiful wife, Amanda, and I are the proud owners of North Phoenix Fit Body Boot Camp. We are elated to help you gain confidence, be fit, and truly love your body.

I grew up in Chicago (Go Bears! Go Cubs!) where I developed as an athlete by competing in martial arts. Being an MMA fighter and going through the strength and conditioning programs was hard. However, learning the best ways to better the health of myself, and others, through nutrition and exercise has made it all worth it.

My passion for fitness, coaching, and helping people achieve their goals has evolved naturally into my becoming a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Group Fitness instructor, Personal Trainer, and Behavioral Change Specialist. I also owned and operated Chicago ROCK Fitness before Amanda, our two boys, and I moved to Southern California. This is where I was introduced to Fit Body Boot Camp.

I was honored to hold a management position at the La Verne Fit Body Boot Camp location in California for over two years. There, I discovered how fun and addictive the fitness culture is! The environment was infectious, and the members’ stories so inspiring, that it made me want to be an even bigger part of this incredible movement.

Now my family and I have made our home in Arizona, and I’m dedicating myself to helping you through your own fitness journey.

Realize that being truly HEALTHY and feeling GREAT is possible. It’s all about having the right mindset, stepping out of your comfort zone, and creating healthy habits.

I’m beyond excited to meet each and every one of you! I’ll see you in class!

Aaron Robertson, Owner/ Coach

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