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About Ari Lally & Veronica Singh

Veronica Singh

Hello, I am Veronica Singh, Owner of North Huntington Beach Fit Body Boot Camp.

For the past 12 years, I have worked as a Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice. Throughout my career in dental hygiene, I worked closely with clients to help them achieve oral health by focusing on their nutrition, teaching preventative care, and creating individualized routines for successful and healthy outcomes. In recent years, I have searched for additional ways to give back to my community by promoting health and wellness.

As a working mother of 4, I have always struggled to set time aside for myself. For this reason, it has been my dream to help other working parents achieve a work-life balance. In 2016, Fit Body Boot Camp helped me change my routine. I had been through many weight loss programs, plans, and diets, but FBBC was the only one that fit into my busy lifestyle. Because of its brisk pace and 30-minute H.I.I.T classes, Fit Body Boot Camp was the perfect solution to help me achieve a work-life and fitness balance.

I have always had a thriving passion for serving the community in wellness and health. Now, I am ready to help my community achieve wellness in a different way. In opening the North Huntington Beach Fit Body Boot Camp, I am thrilled at the prospect of helping others achieve their goals. Along the way, I also hope to continue my journey in continuing to improve my own health. Please join me on a journey to a happy and healthier lifestyle!

Ari Lally

Hello, My name is Ari Lally. About three or four years ago, I badly needed a change from my high-stress corporate career of 15 years. The corporate negativity, the countless Happy Hours, corporate politics and daily LA traffic had taken a toll and was never ending. At the age of 36 I found myself extremely unhappy, depressed, and the heaviest I had ever been! I began exploring a second career option, and wanted to own a business to have a balanced lifestyle of time and money. I had always been into working out, and decided with my business partner to own and run an FBBC.

During this time, my burning desire to be fit, happy, and in control led me to a journey of fitness and athleticism. This was the vehicle to change my life, instill mental discipline, and take my control back! This was far more than exercise or going to the gym. I was on a mission. After joining a transformation contest for 6 months, I ended up losing 30 pounds of fat and placing 2nd. This was life changing!

I am a big believer in programming your mind to create good habits, both as an owner and amateur athlete. The consistent training, routine, and conditioning is now a big part of my life. If you’re looking for a similar transformation or just want to burn 20, 30 pounds of fat, we will coach and hold you accountable for your success.

Whether you are 30, 40 or 50 years old, it is never too late to change and reap the tremendous rewards of regular training with effective 30 minute workouts. I’m so grateful to embark on this new venture with you, and to support you in achieving your fitness goals and being the best you!

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