About Wendy Lai

Hello! My name is Wendy Lai. Growing up in Southern California, I was an overweight but active child. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I took working out and nutrition seriously. I started paying attention to the quality of food and physical activity I put my body through, and I haven’t looked back since. As each year goes by, I find myself participating in more challenging activities and races. You feel a great sense of empowerment after completing a triathlon or squatting a number you thought was unreachable. I found passion and balance when I became a member of Fit Body Boot Camp. The combination of cardio and strength training in every workout proved to be both challenging and rewarding. It was fun, fast, energetic, and effective-exactly what I was looking for. I was also given recipes, tricks, and tips about nutrition, which plays a key role in staying fit and healthy. On top of all of that, I loved the sense of community it brought into my life. Since moving out of California, I found myself longing for that passion and community, so we decided to open a location in Maryland. I couldn’t be more excited to start this adventure and to bring the Fit Body Boot Camp experience to you! Let’s do this, Family!

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