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About Joshua Douglas

My name is Joshua Douglas, I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I am passionate about helping Akron area residents achieve their fitness and fat loss RESULTS. I wasn’t always committed to living a healthy lifestyle… Like many people, I used to be out of shape, unhealthy and unhappy. In fact I was obese and depressed. I had been overweight my whole life, nearly 30 years. Sure, I had tried many times to exercise and eat better, but any of the results I would see were temporary. Each time I would lose some weight, I would gain even more. This yo-yo effect left me feeling helpless. I was ready to give up! Maybe you can relate.

It wasn’t until I committed myself to changing my mindset about exercise and nutrition that I was able to get the results I had been wanting my whole life. I used that new mindset to apply myself to resistance training, high intensity interval training and making healthy food choices. Consistent effort helped me burn fat, get stronger and feel confident quickly. And the best part… The results were lasting! It wasn’t always easy, but it was worth it!

I developed a healthy lifestyle and I wanted to help others do the same. Now I am committed to learning everything I can about fitness, fat loss, and changing peoples lives through proper training, nutrition, and coaching. I have a passion and talent for motivating people and helping them change their lives which made becoming a personal trainer and Fit Body Boot Camp owner the perfect fit for me.

Exercise does so much more than burn calories. It gives people confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Everyday at North Akron Fit Body Boot Camp we are developing a more hands on approach that allows our members to build self-confidence and achieve long lasting results. There’s no in-your-face screaming or intimidation, just motivation and support.We like to have fun and bring energy into everything that we do. If you are looking for a proven fitness program that delivers results look no further than North Akron Fit Body Boot Camp. Joshua Douglas

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