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About Eric Kosmal

My Name is Eric Kosmal, I’m extremely passionate and dedicated to helping our local community achieve their health and fitness goals. My mission is to transform peoples’ lives by providing amazing fat loss workouts in a fun, supportive, and non-intimidating environment. After my time served in the United States Navy, I struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eventually found myself 100 lbs. overweight. In the past I always attempted to lose weight by hitting the treadmill at the gym, and trying every fad diet I learned about. The weight would come off but eventually I would give up on the unrealistic diet and the weight would come right back on. Three years ago I hit the point where health became an issue. I realized that quick fix diets and just doing cardio were not the answers. This is when I discovered high intensity interval training. The combination of high intense cardio and strength workouts, along with proper nutrition, gave me results that I had only dreamed about. In under two years I was able to lose over 100 lbs. and reduce my body fat by over 30%!! During my transformation, I fell in love with fitness and developed the burning desire to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. When I discovered Fit Body Boot Camp and The Unstoppable Fitness Formula, I realized that this was how I would ultimately achieve my desired fitness levels and help others as well. The concept of Fit Body Boot Camp is to provide a support system that will lead you to your goals unlike joining a big box gym that leaves you to figure things out by yourself. At Norco Fit Body Boot Camp we have assembled a team of coaches and trainers dedicated to helping you gain self-confidence, live healthy, and transform your life.

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