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About Cory DiMaria

First and foremost I would like to say “Thank You” for allowing me to achieve your fitness goals with you. Many years ago when I first became a trainer my mission was simple, I wanted to help and inspire as many people as I could to achieve results and goals that they never thought were possible. Through the years I have been able to help hundreds of clients in losing weight, building muscle, burning fat, and most importantly…KEEPING THE RESULTS. As my success began to grow as a trainer I realized that there was a great deal of people who desperately needed help with their health and fitness that either couldn’t afford the expensive prices of a personal trainer or couldn’t find time in their schedule to meet with a fitness professional. It was at that time I knew I had to make a change in order to continue my goal of helping as many people as I could and Fit Body Boot Camp was the solution.

Fit Body Boot Camp is the NUMBER ONE fat burning, muscle building, 30-minute workout in the nation. Having been in this industry for along time, I have seen a number of fitness trends come and go, the difference with Fit Body Boot Camp over any other type of workout program is…IT WORKS! With our unstoppable fitness formula we are able to achieve amazing results through resistance training and high intensity cardio. We are able to accommodate all fitness levels in the same classes, from college athletes to beginners.

Somewhere over the course of time, exercise began to lose its “fun factor”. Fit Body Boot Camp’s goal is to give you the best workouts you have ever had, best results you have ever had while having a blast doing it. No two days here will every be the same, so you will never get bored of a routine and your body will never reach a plateau. You will always have endless support, not only from our staff but from our Fit Body members as well. So, whether your goal is to lose 30 pounds, build muscle, tone, or just continue to stay in shape, Fit Body Boot Camp is for you!

Committed to your success,
Cory DiMaria

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