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About Tommy McCaslin

Hello! My name is Tommy McCaslin. I’m a certified personal trainer and owner of Midwest City Fit Body Boot Camp. I started my fitness journey at a very young age – I wrestled for 10 years, I played football and soccer, and I eventually became an avid runner. But then, bam! After a third knee surgery which resulted in a partial replacement, I found myself living life at a much different pace. This was not a normal lifestyle for me. Within a few years I was heavier than I had ever been. I realized that I couldn’t just “eat what I wanted” anymore like I had been able to do my entire life. I tried to diet. I didn’t like it. I tried a couple “miracle” cures, and those failed me as well. I was familiar with the typical gym scene but didn’t want to go back there. At that time, a friend of mine who was a trainer introduced me to Fit Body Boot Camp and their unique approach to resistance training and high intensity cardio. Unstoppable! Immediately, I loved the workouts but most of all loved the results! The personal coaching, accountability, and workouts created a dynamic atmosphere of motivation. It was such a refreshing approach to working out by having a personal trainer lead in a group setting. With a renewed winning attitude and nutritional training, I was able to shed 35 lb. and get back to feeling good about the guy in the mirror! It’s because of that experience, and my own love for helping people, that I’ve opened Fit Body Boot Camp in Moore, and now Midwest City, OK. It’s so exciting to be bringing that same fitness formula to my new friends – maybe someone just like you? People who are weary of the fads and who have lost hope in getting real, and long lasting results. I love sharing things of value with others so they may benefit too. I’m looking forward to talking to you and showing you just how FBBC in Midwest City is going to be a part of your success story! With our guidance, you will shed fat, negativity and excess baggage to become the healthy, happy, and fit person you were created to be!

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