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About Kwangsoo Kim

I am extremely honored and excited to bring Fit Body Boot Camp to Massapequa, NY.

My name is Kwangsoo Kim and I’m a lifelong fitness enthusiast. For most of my life I have focused on my own fitness journey. It was not until 2017 that I turned my love of fitness into a desire and passion to help others achieve their fitness and fat-loss goals.

Have you struggled in the gym? Have you struggled with your nutrition? Have you struggled with yoyo diets that provide temporary weight loss only to gain it all back and more? Do you lack confidence in yourself and your body? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we at Massapequa Fit Body Boot Camp are here for you.

Years ago, while working at my desk job on Wall Street, I quickly gained 10 lbs. Injuries and illnesses kept me from the normal fitness routine. Although 10 lbs may not seem like much, it made me feel extremely uncomfortable while losing some self-confidence. This led me to making major changes to my nutrition and fitness routines. In 1 year I was able to lose 25 lbs. This brought me 15 lbs below the weight I had been for over 30 years. I feel FANTASTIC and I can honestly say that I feel as good as I did when I was 20. By focusing on effective fitness routines and nutrition, I finally accomplished something that I always believed was only available to those with “natural” born physical attributes. I even brought my cholesterol down to healthy levels.

On a personal level I was happy. On a professional level, I was still lost. Until one day, I responded to an ad for Fit Body Boot Camp. After much research, I realized what I needed to do. Make fitness my profession. My passion for helping others along with my 35 years of experience in the fitness, make me a perfect fit to help those who are struggling with weight, self-confidence, and fitness. My goal is not to just help one person at a time, but the whole community. I will use my 35 years of experience to help my clients achieve their goals in as little time as possible. Here at Massapequa Fit Body Boot Camp, we guarantee our clients results within just a few weeks.

As a Fit Body Boot Camp owner, my vision is to make a huge impact on the community. My team and I will help thousands of people transform their bodies and therefore their lives with 30-minute boot camp sessions, nutrition coaching, and weekly accountability. Massapequa Fit Body Boot Camp is your one-stop shop for body transformation. We are known for the 3 things that we do better than anyone else – results, relationships and community!

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