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About Tricia and Dan Jones

Hi! My name is Tricia Jones and it is with a grateful heart that I welcome you to Marlton Fit Body Boot Camp!

I am married to an amazing man, Dan, and we have two little kids ages 5 and 4. Fitness has always been part of our lives. Dan was an athlete growing up and pretty good at the sports he played. I did not play sports but started to exercise on my own around 8th grade.

I can remember being worried about gaining weight at fairly young age. The worry at times turned into obsession and this teetered on and off well into adulthood. My focus on my weight would change based on things that were going on in my life. It was the thing that I always internalized. It dragged me down at times, and while I was passionate about exercise I never was truly happy with my results. I also never really took a healthy approach to what I was eating either. As a self-proclaimed “Cardio Junkie” I fell in love with running and trained for numerous distance runs – half marathons, full marathons, 10k runs, etc. but, again, I never felt completely comfortable in my skin. For years I quietly kept on thinking this way and hiding my approaches to reach my goals.

Finally, years later, something changed in me. Call it a “Light Bulb” moment, but I was married with an 8-month-old AND 8 months pregnant when I was told I was “gaining too much weight” by my doctor. I felt awful and turned to clean eating to help improve my health and to keep our baby thriving and safe. These efforts continued postpartum and I was able to lose the 60 lb. I had gained.

Hearing my doctor say I was at an unhealthy weight really impacted me. Something in me just began to grow. I had a hunger to learn as much as I could about clean eating and making this all more of a healthy lifestyle approach instead of just one goal. I was a mommy now and deep down I knew I could not continue the way I had been. I didn’t want to be a bad example to our kids. I started looking into exercise options that were efficient and worked well with me as a young mommy with two very young children. I was familiar with exercise – I had been doing it since I was in the 8th grade – but I no longer could dedicate that same amount of time and energy to try to even maintain a healthy weight. I needed something that would fit my schedule.

I also studied how to eat clean and what that looked like, specifically for people like me who struggle with higher thyroid levels. I was getting amazing results. I was also learning how important it is to combine exercise and nutrition as part of the same healthy lifestyle. That was the approach that I had heard about before but never really took that seriously.

My new approach had me on fire with super exciting results. My obsession was transforming into a passion. This stuff actually worked. What I found was that, like me, so many people avoided it because of all the confusing and conflicting information out there. I craved to learn more and so my professional journey began.

The desire to help others avoid the pitfalls of poor body image excited me. The wheels started turning and I took my crazy idea to my husband. Because of him and his belief in me, I had the courage to pursue a career as a personal trainer and health coach.

I started a small, online coaching business to help others make clean food choices and stick to a consistent exercise program. I was on fire for those working hard towards positive changes, and I loved watching them get amazing results. It was amazing being a part of their journey! I wanted to increase my knowledge and better serve my clients, so I became certified for personal training through NASM, then studied FMS and later obtained my certification in nutrition coaching through Precision Nutrition.

It was during a run (when I do my best thinking) that I got the idea to start an outdoor boot camp. I advertised my services locally on FB and started with a group of women in a soccer field early in the AM before they had to be off to work. With a few changes to my program, I continued to train them 3 times a week from March to November. Rain or shine, dark or light, freezing cold or hot and humid – they pressed on. I also worked as a 1-1 personal trainer in a few gyms but I enjoyed the most my time in bootcamp.

I loved what we were building in those wee hours of the morning. We had a group of women inspiring each other with changes that impacted how they looked, but more importantly, how they felt! Relationships formed and a little family appeared. Everyone was thriving! As each session closed and new ones started, little did I know what it would inspire next.

It seemed Fit Body Boot Camp fell into our laps. I was getting to a point where I wanted to better serve my existing clients and help even more people. I didn’t know the best way to do it and the various options I was looking at didn’t seem to fit me. Then we came across Fit Body Boot Camp. I knew as soon as I researched it that Fit Body Boot Camp was the missing puzzle piece to everything my heart was telling me to do. WOW! My husband and I put one foot in front of the other, did our research, and decided it was the right step for us!

So here we are! We live close to our gym and are so excited to work with the community to change lives and improve your health!

We appreciate you guys! Live. Love. Laugh. Be Fit.

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