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Hello! My name is Miranda Downey. I recently moved here to Manhattan, KS from Southwest Kansas. It has been a dream of both my husband, Nathan, and I to move to Manhattan for quite some time. We are HUGE K-State fans and have always loved the community Manhattan has to offer. This move has truly been a dream years in the making, we just needed a “push” to get us here. We were presented an opportunity to bring the Fit Body Boot Camp franchise to your community, and that was the exact push we were looking for. Once we were approved to open a FBBC location in Manhattan, we had to quickly make the decision to purchase a home in Manhattan and sell everything we owned to make it all work. Though we are unreservedly thrilled to finally be Manhattan residents, moving across the state was not an easy choice to make. All of our family, friends, and a lifetime of memories reside back home in Southwest Kansas. Having been born and raised in Southwest Kansas, we are both absolutely blessed to have been able to call it our home our entire lives. For the past six years I have been a stay at home wife and mother of a two year old son, Daniel, and a one year old daughter, Emerson. Nathan previously owned and operated a landscape construction company for 24 years, and we both were very involved in our communities. We are off on a new adventure now but we are continuing a passion to help others. You might be asking yourself, “Why take such a huge risk?” The answer is simple. “I BELIEVE IN FIT BODY BOOT CAMP.” I am undoubtedly certain that this will all be worth it because I am going to change the lives of hundreds of people in the Manhattan community, just as my life has been changed through Fit Body Boot Camp.

I first encountered FBBC in my home town, Garden City, Kansas. I was invited by a dear friend of mine, Reagan Hill, to work out with her during a one week friends and family pass that she had acquired when she became a member. On about day three, Reagan asked me if I liked it and if I had given any thought about joining. To be 110% honest, I did NOT like it. I think it was because I was so used to the idea that every time I needed to lose weight, I would just hop on the treadmill or the elliptical for an hour a few times a week along with restricting my diet. But, before my week long pass was over, I had convinced myself I needed to become a member even though I was not accustomed to the boot camp style. I had to do something different. When I tried losing weight the conventional way, I would see minimal results and I would always gain it back…and then some. What I was used to was not working, and I found myself at the heaviest weight I had ever been – 223 pounds.

It was December 1st 2016 when I became a member, this is the day my life changed. By my second week at FBBC, I was addicted. Everyday I looked forward to my 30 minute workout, and like clock work I was there. 7 months later, I was down 88 pounds. Not only did I meet my goal weight of 135 pounds, I gained a ton of physical strength, immeasurable amounts of mental strength, self confidence, and most valuably, I gained support. Being part of Fit Body Boot Camp’s Fit Family provided me everything I needed to succeed in reaching my fitness goals. I was not just a number when I walked through those doors. They cared about me, my goals, and my life outside the gym. They did everything to hold me accountable. They noticed when I was there and when I was absent. They noticed when I was struggling and they recognized when I improved. They were there every step of the way.

At Manhattan Fit Body Boot Camp, we are a family. We support our military, our community, our Wildcats, but most importantly, we support YOU. Join our Fit Fam today!!

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