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About Ryan Goldstein

I’m Ryan Goldstein, an exercise physiologist, certified personal trainer, and owner of Lyndhurst Fit Body Boot Camp. For the last 5 years I have used my Masters degree in Exercise Science to help my private clients, as well as my patients at the Cleveland Clinic, lose weight and improve their overall lifestyle. I am extremely passionate about helping residents of our community achieve their fitness and fat loss RESULTS. Growing up, I was always active and spent most of my time playing sports. When I started college, and my activity level changed, I didn’t just gain the “freshman 15”, I gained the freshman 40!! I hit a point where I looked in the mirror and said “I can’t do this anymore”… Maybe you can relate to that feeling.

On that day I committed to retraining my body AND my mind to embrace a healthier way of living. I made smarter food choices and followed a consistent routine of strength training and high intensity interval workouts that helped me burn fat, build muscle and finally gain back my confidence. After this experience, I dedicated my time to further my education so I could help others change their lives.

Our team will help you stay accountable by providing a cutting-edge fitness program in a fun and motivating atmosphere to help you reach your goals. We recognize that you have a life, so each 30 minute workout is strategically planned and scientifically proven to get you REAL results and back to your day. Lyndhurst Fit Body Boot Camp isn’t just a gym, it is a place where our members enjoy being part of a community of like-minded people who are changing their lives with our unstoppable fitness formula!

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