About Jaime Nemirow-Gonzalez

“Can you be too passionate about fitness? I’d like to think not. I passionately guide people’s fitness goals, using tremendous amounts of care. That’s what makes me me!” – Jaime Nemirow-Gonzalez, June 1, 2016

Hello and welcome! My name is Jaime Nemirow-Gonzalez. A purpose in my life is to help and motivate people every day of their fitness journey. My dream came true when I became the caring owner of the Lakewood Fit Body Boot Camp. And I’m thrilled that your journey has brought you here!

You’ve come to the right boot camp. My team and I proudly offer two things: incredible fitness instruction and an incredible environment. We provide fitness programs that produce results and meet people’s needs, while simultaneously providing a positive, uplifting environment that makes you feel right at home.

I’m uniquely qualified to be the leader of a world-class fitness organization because of my wealth of experience and love for exercise. I’ve earned a B.S. Degree in Psychology, Paralegal Certificate and Personal Training Diploma in the Theory and Practice of Personal Training. I have years of experience as a fitness instructor, trainer and coordinator, coupled with first-hand, extensive knowledge on the power of healthy living – it transformed my path and outlook on life when I needed it!

This is your Fit Body Boot Camp. Contact us. Visit us. My team and I are ready to help you live out your fitness dreams!

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