About Jenny Carter

Meet Jenny Carter, Jupiter Fit Body Boot Camp owner and coach.

Jenny has had a passion for sports and fitness since a very young age. In high school, she was an athlete – competing in girls’ flag football and running on the track team. After high school, she continued her love for fitness with bootcamp, crossfit, and olympic lifting. She has competed in many high level competitive arenas including crossfit regionals and USAW Olympic Lifting State Championships. The one thing she loves more than fitness is helping people through coaching. After high school, she went on to get her Masters in Education, became a special education teacher, and has opened and grown two successful crossfit gyms with incredible fitness communities. While there, she coached olympic lifting, bootcamp, crossfit, and gymnastics.

Some of Jenny’s other credentials includes: having a Crossfit Level I Instructor Certification, being a Kids’ Crossfit Instructor, USAW Certified Olympic Lifting Coach, Girls’ High School Flag Football Coach, and an assistant strength and conditioning coach for Dwyer High School Boys’ Varsity Football Team.

Jenny lives for setting goals and accomplishing them. Her mottos are “nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it”, and “nothing good comes easy”. She inspires others with a positive, motivational attitude, education, and encourages family and community.

Jenny grew up in Jupiter Farms, Florida and is married with two beautiful dogs. Come meet her, have some fun, get in shape, and make some memories!

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