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About Dr. Michael Cook and Tatiana Cook

Dr. Michael & Tatiana Cook are a dynamic husband and wife duo with a passion for family, health, and fitness.

Dr. Cook is a local dentist who has served his community for over 15 years. Among many other charitable endeavors, he has hosted Project Christmas Smile, an annual event that provides FREE dentistry to those in need.

Dr. Cook is also a proud veteran of the US Navy. He served five years as an officer on USS Hue City and USS Elmer Montgomery, as well as during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Dr. Cook has always been a fitness enthusiast and enjoys spending many hours in the gym, running, and cycling.

Tatiana is a loving wife and mother of four children and two stepchildren. She is a licensed practical nurse and a certified fitness instructor and coach.

Hers is a transformational story. Tatiana knows firsthand how difficult it can be to lose fat. She is proud to be a TRIPLE DIGIT LOSER!

She has lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for eight years. This put her in the population’s top five percent of people who have also lost over 100 pounds naturally, with no surgeries.

Tatiana is dedicated to helping others begin their own journey back to health. Her vision is to provide a platform where they can grow into confident and healthier versions of themselves; a platform where fitness, nutrition, and mindset all come together in one place.

She hopes that everyone can have a positive and successful journey in a nurturing environment, no matter what age or fitness level, because “it’s balance- not perfection- that matter most.”

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