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About Gina Aguirre

My name is Gina Aguirre, and I was born and raised in sunny southern California. I grew up in the Eagle Rock/Highland Park area and have remained local, mainly because I really love my town.

I have struggled with my weight most of my life, and it wasn’t until after marriage and 4 children that I realized just how out of control my weight had gotten. My weight hit an all time high, and I battled depression and used food as an escape. I was miserable.

I was introduced to a small outdoor boot camp by my boys’ football coach. I had witnessed another parent on the team lose a ton of weight, and I wanted in. In only a few short months after joining, I lost a ton of weight eating a very low amount of calories. I was ecstatic that I dropped so much weight. However, I was hungry, grumpy, and, worst of all, I was weak.

I gave up when I was unable to sustain eating such few calories and busting my hump. That’s when I stopped attending boot camp and gained back all of the weight plus more! I was so discouraged and again began feeling really depressed.

Then came my saving grace – the local boot camp I had previously been introduced to had been revamped and was now Fit Body Boot Camp. So much had changed. Nutrition had become a huge part of the process. I was training smarter and stronger, eating far more than I ever had. The weight began to shed!

My body was transforming, and I soon became the go-to for all things nutrition and workout related. I realized just how much it uplifted me to help the other boot campers, and after winning two of three six-week challenges and placing second in the one I didn’t win, I knew my career path was gearing for change. I was making an impact!

I became NASM certified and juggled a family of six (4 kids), a full-time corporate job, part-time coaching at Fit Body Boot Camp, and an attempt at a balanced life. In February of 2017, I decided to leave my corporate job to become a full-time Fit Body Boot Camp Coach. I haven’t looked back since, and I’m ecstatic to be bringing this phenomenal boot camp to my hometown.

Fitness has become an enormous part of my family’s life. Our mission is to deliver a fun, safe, positive workout environment, where our community can celebrate all victories and experience the transformation of their physical, mental, and emotional state and GET RESULTS!! We believe there are no boundaries or limitations. Anyone can make time to work out and eat right. There are no excuses!!

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