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About Charles Salter

About Charles Salter

Hi! I’m Wayne Salter, owner of Fit Body Boot Camp Greenville. Owning a fitness facility where people come to get fit has been a dream of mine for over 20 years.

After serving in the Army (82nd Airborne Div.), I was faced with the reality that owning a gym would have to wait because of lack of money and lack of a plan.

After 9/11/2001, I decided to pursue becoming an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer. I loved helping people reach their weight loss and fitness goals! I was a full time trainer for over 5 years.

Then, instead of giving in to the desire to re-join the military, I decided to become a police officer. I have continued to help people with their fitness goals “on the side” of my cop job, including fellow officers that I serve with, on our Emergency Response Team.

Even though I’ve enjoyed the fulfilling and challenging job of being a police officer, there has always been that burning desire deep inside to own a fitness facility.

At first when I ran across the opportunity of Fit Body Boot Camp, I thought that would be just wishful thinking. But it ate at me, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how great it would be to own a facility where people gathered for fun-filled classes and I could help so many people reach their fitness and weight loss goals!

With the encouragement of my wonderful wife, Ashley, we have been fortunate enough to be able to become one of the first Fit Body Boot Camps in North Carolina!

I feel very thankful and blessed for what we have: a wonderful done-for-you franchise; a great, supportive network of franchise owners (who have become new friends), and for all of the future members of our Boot Camp!

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