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About Brian Kalakay

My Name is Brian Kalakay, I am a Master Certified Turbulence Trainer. Over the past few years I have helped hundreds of local people just like you lose almost 10,000 pounds of fat! This is proof that I am extremely passionate about helping people achieve their fitness and fat loss goals. In fact, if you are looking for a place to help you not only lose fat but change the way you live to achieve permanent results – this is the place for you. Like many people, you may be confused about what really works and what is just a bunch of “bull” when it comes to losing weight and feeling better about yourself. You are not alone… Actually, that is the whole reason why I started Fit Body Boot Camp Grand Blanc. The members of this awesome community needed to be introduced to the unstoppable fitness formula that not only gets you amazing results, but will make the results last forever. The Unstoppable Fitness Formula along with the camaraderie and energy that Fit Body Boot Camp Delivers has given our boot camp members results unlike any ever before! Fit Body Boot Camp has helped me dedicate my life to helping others achieve their goals and turn my passion in to a tool to change lives across the county. I’m so thankful that I discovered Fit Body Boot Camp as it has helped me share my knowledge and fat loss secrets with hundreds of locals just like you! Brian Kalakay, MCTT

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