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About Anna Bonadonna

Hi! My name is Anna Bonadonna. My fitness journey uniquely began when I began my career in medicine. One of my first memories was my father having his first heart attack at the age of 43. He survived that experience with surgery, medication, and, most importantly, lifestyle modification. He lost weight, quit smoking, changed the way he ate, and made purposeful movement part of his daily routine. This experience drew me to the field of medicine and taught me how valuable being healthy really is.

I devoted my life to learning and became an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. During the last 20 years, I have made fantastic relationships and have had the honor and privilege to be part of thousands of health journeys. I have seen what it takes to age gracefully and what lifestyle habits lead to chronic morbidities and premature death.

As a busy professional and mom, I often fell into the trap of caring for everyone else but myself. I put my children, my parents, my career, my millions of “to dos” ahead of my own health. One day in my early 40’s, I came to the realization that I had gained 30 lbs, and I felt way older than my age. My muscles ached, my cardiovascular endurance was poor, and when I looked in the mirror, I saw that I was following in my father’s footsteps (minus the smoking, of course). I preached wellness every day, but I was not living it. At that point, my husband and I decided to transform our health, not just for ourselves but for our children. We cleaned out the processed food in our kitchen, added more fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. We made exercise part of our daily routine, and we combined to lose more than 70 lbs. We both felt 10 years younger. Now, we are great examples to our children.

My patients noticed and often asked what we were doing. I preached clean living and physical activity on a daily basis, but it is often hard to advise someone in 20 minutes, only once a year. I wanted to do more; I wanted to be part of their transformation. This led us to get involved in the fitness industry. We opened our first gym, Koko FitClub, in Glenview. We helped many people at different fitness levels lose weight, and move and feel better. We found that the best formula for our clients’ success was the combination of HIIT training, strength training, good nutrition and personal guidance. This led us to further explore the fitness industry, and we found Fit Body Boot Camp and their Unstoppable Fitness Formula, which align with our goals to expand our offerings to our members and to help even more people succeed in not only transforming their fitness, but in transforming their lives.

We would love to be part of your transformation. If you have ever felt lost and want the guidance to transform your health, check us out at Glenview Fit Body Boot Camp. No matter what fitness level you are starting at, we will help you get to where you want to go. Imagine feeling better than you have felt in years! The hardest part is taking the first step.

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