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About Brenda Brady and Trinity Schumaker

Forest Fit Body Boot Camp is a safe, fast, and effective group workout that only takes 30 minutes. Our members choose the most convenient times to work out based on their schedules. We have over 40 sessions held regularly throughout the week…so you can come work out before work, around lunch, after work, or even on the weekends…you choose!

While effective fitness programs are essential to optimize your health, we don’t overlook an equally essential factor (often overlooked by other programs): YOUR NUTRITION. Is it an upsell? Nope. Eating programs are included in the program at no extra charge. We want you to be healthy, both inside and out.

Our workouts are fast, fun, effective, and convenient. You CAN do it, and we’re here to coach and support you.

Meet Brenda and Trinity! You can call them Brenity, Trenda, or just plain awesome! They are gems, a one of a kind pair, and are super amazing at what they do. They are both here to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals.

Location Head Coach – Brenda Brady

Why do you love Boot Camp? – The members and coaches are my second family. The positive energy and motivation are infectious!

Why do you coach at Boot Camp? – You can get a full-body workout that pushes your fitness levels and gets you the results you desire.

Favorite exercise – Burpees

Favorite cheat food – Sweets

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