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About Steven Briscoe

We are Steven & John Briscoe – two brothers and best friends who have grown up side by side and shared every part of our lives since birth. Always challenging each other and pushing one another’s limits, we’ve always battled our way to the top of our goals. And we’ve always been there to lend a helping hand, motivate, and encourage each other through struggles and hard times.

I was always the skinny kid; it was incredibly difficult for me to build muscle and maintain weight. I learned the struggles of meticulously watching my diet and spent hours in the gym seeing little to no progress very early on in life, over 10 years ago. My brother, John, had the opposite, much more common issue – he gained weight easily and struggled to drop back down.

With our competitive nature and support system, we were able to motivate each other, educate one another, and push our boundaries to achieve our weight and fitness goals. We felt healthy, happy, and most of all, proud of what we had been able to accomplish. Friends and family began to notice, and we very quickly became the go to “Fitness Gurus” of our social circles. Which led us to the next step of our journey.

Helping friends and family is one thing, but we asked ourselves, “How can we take this further? How can we help others overcome their obstacles and share in the same sense of accomplishment we’ve been able to share with our friends and family?”

My brother and I traveled literally coast to coast, from our homes in New York all the way to California, constantly learning and sharing with the people we came in contact with.

Enter Fit Body Boot Camp in California where the CEO, Bedros Keullian (the big, beautiful, bearded, genius of a man standing between us in the photo), taught us all about how to spread our message and the Unstoppable Fitness Formula. After hearing his philosophy and how it lined up with ours, we knew we had found the answer to spreading our message. We could now turn our passions into a career. My brother and I can not wait to see how you transform, not just physically, but mentally as well – watching the fat fall away with us here at Farmingdale Fit Body Bootcamp.

To your unrelenting success,

Steven & John Briscoe

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