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About Matt Rehrig

My name is Matt Rehrig and I am a fitness trainer who is passionate about helping the folks of Exton reach their fitness and fat loss goals. In fact, if you’re looking for a boot camp here in Exton – this is the place for you!

I have played sports my entire life and have always been pretty athletic. From basketball, football, and baseball I seemed to always find myself in the weight room training and preparing my body and my mind for competition. Although I was a good player, unfortunately, after my senior season of baseball, my athletic career was over. However, after spending offseason after offseason in the gym getting ready for the upcoming grind, I developed a love for the process of preparing your body and achieving goals that you set for yourself.

One training technique that our strength and conditioning coaches would swear by is resistance training and high intensity interval training. The combination of the two helped us get into competition ready shape in a relatively short time.

Then, when I discovered Fit Body Boot Camp and learned about their Unstoppable Fitness Formula along with their dedication to changing people’s lives, I knew it was a perfect fit for me and my goals. I also knew that Fit Body Boot Camp would allow me to help others achieve their goals as well.

For many people, it can feel hopeless. Most people will want to give up. However, with the Unstoppable Fitness Formula, along with our energy, determination, and motivation, Exton Fit Body Boot Camp members can experience results unlike any ever before.

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